• @explosive I did it because I feel your pain and I am able to help. Yes, people should help if they can unfortunately sometimes they just wont ... I did not see this thread before because of my situation and what transpired in my life in the last couple of weeks, but I will keep my eyes on this ...

  • @kmaxkmax

    Thank you so much! Im literally tearing up right now i had pretty much given up on this. I only posted the pics because watching certain arguments on here tonight without very much sleep this week was getting to me. Thank you guys it means so much. See love and kindness :) you guys made my night thank you :)

  • @explosive You are so welcome and I hope everything ends up being okay. Now take this time and be with your family if you are at the hospital.

  • @thomeefl69

    I really do feel for you and i only wish i could help you in the way you just up lifted me and my wife. You will be in our thoughts and at some point when the opportunity present it self i will repay the act of kindness even if it is only a smile when your down. Thank you

  • @explosive said in AlainaHospitalFund:


    I really do feel for you and i only wish i could help you in the way you just up lifted me and my wife. You will be in our thoughts and at some point when the opportunity present it self i will repay the act of kindness even if it is only a smile when your down. Thank you

    that is very nice of you but unfortunately there is nothing can be done for me...a smile will be a nice gesture and I do hope that you and your loved ones get through the difficult times. I hope when you open your Burst wallet next time it will give you hope in humanity yet again...have some rest!

  • @kmaxkmax

    Baby is sleeping wife and i are sitting on the sofa bed in the hospital room lol. Shes on youtube im on burst lol. These are our places to get our minds off everything in between baby being up :) cant sleep gotta do something to stay occupied

  • hey all sorry I couldn't update this sooner but we got good news today! also we want to thank the ppl who have helped us out. please read entire post.

    firstly starting last night after I posted pics we have gotten a amazing amount of donations :) these donations totaled 15,150 burst sent from 3 different burst wallets! let me first say thank you so much these donations really have gave me some new life and I was starting to really get low. I am a very happy and kind person who even when I don't have much would give the cloths off of my back to help someone. that fire has died down a bit this past month and it has shown and affected the ones I loved in a way that saddens me. I feel amazing today so thank you for the huge support.

    I am a honest person who needed help so I will be posting the amounts that I receive so the community can judge for them selves as to if they want to contribute at any given time.

    I also do not want to take any more not even 1 burst more then I need so in the event that we get everything that we need to get caught up and extra is sent before I can close the thread down I will split that extra up and return it evenly to ppl who donated.

    So as stated above we got very good unexpected news!! So Alainas doctor said that she has been doing well and that she thinks we would be better off at home. We will be discharged from the hospital and will have a in home nurse to help us until she is completely settled and on track! I wont be able to get back to work until she is closer to healthy but this is a huge step and at least now I can do side projects to earn money from home when I have spare time. I am currently going over our budget and taking what we have and figuring out what we absolutely need now and what we can put off a little longer and when done will post the exact amount we need not a penny more.

    With going home and getting closer to being able to go back to work we don't need near what I originally had thought we would have.
    I will also be posting pics of receipts for what the donations help pay for so you guys know where the money you donate has gone and know that your donations have been used in the way the should be.

    We are behind a few months on most things but a lot of which we can just make payment plans to pay back over time when I'm back to work. the things I'm most worried about are stuff like my car registration that expired well in the hospital, insurance (need car to get to doctors and getting pulled over would be added expense in fines and possibly car being impounded) and basic necessity bills.

    again we really do not want more then we absolutely need..

    I also would like to try and give back to the community in some way. I am not a skilled computer tech guy like a lot of you guys are but I am a very good networker and I'm great with ppl. I will be in contact with haitch as soon as he is freed up a bit to try and see if I can help spread the word about burst and this forum or help with any projects in any way.

    again thank you soooo much! It should not take me to long to figure my budget out as soon as I'm done I will post what we need and go from there thanks again guys :)

  • 0_1498952709010_20170701_085459.jpg

    Ok everyone i got everything taken care of except for our car. I was able to get enough money together to pay our rent and to get what we needed for the house and the kids and food. All thats left is the car (registration and back insurance) we need a lil over 300usd and we can take care of it and will be all set and mostly caught up. The other bills that we are behind i can make payment plans and pay my self when i get back to work so not necessary to ask for it from someone else.

    Im liquidating 10,000 burst from the donations to help with the bills. left a little over 5000 burst in wallet for my son thecryptokid to play with.
    At current market value 20,000 more burst will just about take care of the car so im going to keep taking donations until that mark is met and then close the thread so no one sends more when its not needed.

    Thanks to all that have helped us out. We went from one of the worst months of our lives to things turning around overnight we are so happy! Now as long as Alaina keeps doing good life should be back to normal soon.

    Thanks again everyone

  • donations can be sent directly to

    20,000 burst till we are out of the weeds :)

    I will post here if I come up with the money first so ppl don't send what we don't need

  • We got the car taken care of! We are 100% all set now :)

    Thank you so much for all the help and donations!

    I will close this thread today so no more donations are sent.


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