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    LOL and sadly true.

  • @Hitti2 Will the fee lower if Burst goes up? or they will always be kept at 1 burst minimum? I feel the same when sending transactions!

  • Well, I never intended this to be towards burst. But bitcoin. I went to to transfer 3.45USD in btc or so to an exchange to buy burst before the rise in price of burst. Well, the amount "fee" to send was the amount I had in my bitcoin wallet "3.45usd in btc". Continue reading below. I am very pissed off character. Like in the image above. Oh yea, I didn't get paid this week after mining nicehash because of fucking BTC fee's now I have to wait another week to be paid.

    This is why I asking for a 5-6 buck loan here in this forum for a 2 TB hdd.

    There is a long discussion going on about it now.

  • dude most services pay your tx fee like localbitcoins, so thats why I only deal with it over their, but ill agree with you the price needs a change, I sold all my bitcoin machines and dont mine anymore, I only buy up crypto now as mining is a bit unprofitable now unless you have serious dollar behind you. You get lucky if you find a new coin that does well but I havent got time to search every coin around.

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