Burst desperately trying to hold onto 500

  • @PeterSkrzyniarz Some assets are scams and some aren't. If you got in early and bought casino asset from Zeus you will already ROI your investment and sell the shares you still own for 2x or 4x its inital price. This asset is a really rare case though, most of the assets here isn't going to perform this good. Right now the casino asset is going downhill because of bankroll issues so timing when to buy and sell is important.

    Assets are basically altcoins on burst in my opinion. Sometimes assets can perform better than burst and sometimes it doesn't. Assume you bought a gpu miner asset or any asset that buy burstcoins off poloniex to pay your dividends. If burst goes up the dividends you get in burst go down but if burst goes down you get much more dividends in burst. And if burst price stays the same you gain % more money per week in dividends. Haitch runs an asset that pays almost 1% dividends PER WEEK. Maybe it's a scam and he might run off someday maybe not, but from what I learnt so far about crypto is that sometimes you need to take high risks to get a higher return. I bought around 300 dollars worth of burstcoin like 6 months ago when it was around 150 sats almost 270k burstcoins in total and threw it all into assets. Sometime pass burstcoin goes into a bear market and hits 80 sats each. I kept on getting more dividends and traded some assets for better ones. Made 100k burstcoin profit first month got raped by NEWS asset scam and lose 200k burstcoin 2nd month. Every month after that I keep making little and big profits. Eventually I got to 1 mill burstcoins. I sold 300k burstcoins right before the pump at 160k to get back all my inital investments (big mistake but I didn't like where adam was going with burst) and sold a bunch on the way up. Now I'm sitting on 200k burstcoin ready to play the AE again. The point of this story is that fear is good it keeps you sharp but you will be missing out a lot of opportunities with burst if you don't play the AE game. I still got a lot of doubt and there are some assets I think are total scams or ponzi but you can say the same to half of the icos and altcoins out there. People still jump in because there are money to be made. Final tip, don't fall in love with your investments.

  • @Hyzi0 said in Burst desperately trying to hold onto 500:

    @RichBC The question is will you start buying @300-350 ^^ That's the best way to find if we can find support there^^

    So this is what we are looking at now.


    8 Hours ago we hit a low of 365, question is was that the bottom and a good time to Buy or merely the fall catching breath before another dip?

    I honestly do not know, and was out at the time so did not have to think about whether to buy some. Anyway we are up to 420 on thin trading at the moment and I am not buying as I am guessing we will take another trip or two down before finding the groove to sit in.

    Either way when I start buying it will be a gradual thing like the selling I did on the way up. I just know that I am very poor at predicting these things and in this case price rises are likely to be driven by factors nothing to do with the value of Burst.


  • @RichBC Adam is pumping again, according to BN Shoutbox.

  • @Nisc3d Interesting will take a look. Surprised it was this soon, perhaps he does not need to Buy more, just needs another opportunity to Sell?


  • And here we go again. Lucky me I bought some at 420

  • @Gadrah_ There you go, I told you I was hopeless at calling these things :-)

    Wow 420 to 600 in 20 Minutes, when will you sell?


  • @RichBC I think I'll wait some more :)

  • @Gadrah_ It's a pity, or perhaps a good thing, that I can't Short it as you know it will fall at some point.


  • @RichBC well i was trying to put buy order about 1h ago and it failed (i think polo laggin again).

  • To be honest I think any price over 150 is good. I told myself long time ago that I would stop reinvesting in assets and start selling coin once it went over that threshold! :)


    So my point was, that I don't think much about which price I sell at, so long as it is over 150.

  • Well the OP was from 6 days ago. 500 went and we hit a low of 370 then a climb in the next Day back to over 500, then settled for a few Days in the 400 to 500 band finally in the last couple of Days we pushed back to 600.

    So if you knew what you were doing plenty of opportunity to make money.

    Anyway this Morning in the UK woke up to another big sell off and as I type we are back to 450. Question is, has the fall out and departures from BN triggered an end game and will that end game just involve a big sell off or a couple of pumps first?

    I suspect there might be a pump or two left, or perhaps the Market will decide? I would like a new floor to be at 400 but my suspicions are that it will be 300?


  • @RichBC 380 sats with a couple of mid 400's to low 500's, if there is a end game in play which i would flip a coin on it will hit 600's again

  • End game target is 3000 Sat .. I doubt it will get there soon. normally it should stay between 400s-500s

  • @rnahlawi He's just saying this so his followers don't dump it before him :P

  • @Hyzi0 so what are you saying? target is ...?

  • @rnahlawi I don't think he will dump it all now. He has a lot of casino shares and his followers still 'invest' in his scammy assets. I think 1st he will try to pump his assets then start undercutting everyone as he did many times. I don't know how high he can pump it but I doubt it's over 1000.

  • @RichBC i see a few pumps to save face for sure...

  • this could be some explanation of what is happening or about to happen


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