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    once i moved the plot file to where the xplotter wants to put the plot and i ran it with @haitch 's recommended parameters .. it took off starting at 39%.. .. when it is done i will have to put the file back to where i had it or it will not show up in the miner files.

    thanks everyone for the help..

    I KNEW this plot wasnt finished and sure enough .. it wasnt.

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    @darindarin said in Question about plotchecker:

    once i moved the plot file to where the xplotter wants to put the plot

    H:\plots ?
    where are plot was before?

  • @Blago H:\burst\plots from the aio wallet.. but every time i run it manually it puts it in H:\plots

  • @darindarin said in Question about plotchecker:


    Hey Superfriend, when you open up to plot file bat file, what happens when you manually put in the "H:\burst\plots" folder, does it work? I can't remember off the top of my head, as I don't have mine on me at the moment, but in the file it might read something similar like H:\burst\plots or even h://burst/plots or something along those lines.

  • @Vneck will check when i am home again.. i ran into this once before using the xplotter via bat file.. plotted 8tb and the miner couldnt find it soon as i moved it to where the miner wanted it it worked.. but gimme a few hours to respond to your question

  • @darindarin All good, hope it's a quick\simple fix. Getting another hard drive up is always fun...more burst into that wallet. BOOM! Boom...and all that!

  • @Vneck as soon as plot is done i can move it and it will work with the miner.. it does look like i can edit the destination location inside the .bat file.. i will try if i ever have to use the xplotter again but i am sure @Blago or @anyoneelse can confirm this. i am just happy there is a way to restart a file that is interrupted.

  • @darindarin ,

    I always plot in the drive:\Burst folder, then when finished move it to the plots subdirectory. I don't like the intermittent errors you sometimes get when trying to mine a file that is actively plotting.

  • @rds smart idea.. i would try that and probably do the same often but i so much enjoy just using the AIO.... its my fav :)

  • Hi Superfriend @darindarin here is an example of one of my lines for my batch file:

    XPlotter_avx.exe -id 12345678910111213141516 -sn 0 -n 19070976 -t 6 -path H:\Burst\plots -mem 8G

    Stating nonce is 0. Stagger size is 19070976 for the size of the plot. 6 is for the # of CPU threads to use. Location to plot the burst on H: and to use 8GB of RAM.

  • @Vneck i just keep learning and learning - thanks super-friend and everyone else who has helped!

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