Polo delisting coins. Could this send more volume to Burst?

  • burst may be in the lower rung on polo Via amount of Sat it's trading at but has on average 200+ BTC volume per day for well over a few weeks now i would not call that a pump and puts it far from the bottom in Polo's eyes .... Polo delist coins its not manking any $$$ off of. they make there money from fee's that is a direct % of the amount of BTC going into and out of a coin ... burst wont be in that list anytime soon.... i would not get worryed untell you see that daily BTC # start droping and stay down for weeks.

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    The only reason for a hard fork (change of protocol) in my opinion should be to solve a technical problem that can not be solved otherwise.

    Also a delist on one exchange is not the end of Burst or minus 90%. See https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/iocoin
    Who knows which Exchange will be leading in two or five years.

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    @RichBC said in Polo delisting coins. Could this send more volume to Burst?:

    @darindarin Do we know their criteria for delisting and if there is any risk for Burst?


    I have no source, but i read something about ... factor is not only volume but also active community, development (code and project) and i guess much more factors like @daWallet mentioned. After all it is maybe the decision of one single person ... and not based on pure stats and numbers but maybe also on sympathy, unique of a coin etc. ... i personally do not fear that burst gets delisted, ... they would have done it already a year ago.

  • @Hyzi0 How does hard fork ruin trust? Monero and NXT hardfork twice or more a year with 0 problems. We were forked from NXT if they can pull off productive forks to make coin more valuable why can BURST not do that?

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    @alexclarkbarry191 What does a fork achieve? If we fork onto a new protocol/encoding, whatever we change, BN can switch to the new wallet/client.

    What you're describing is forking to a completely new clone coin. As I said earlier, that's not likely to work - replotting is something most miners won't want to do, and until there are a significant number of miners there will be no Exchange market for the coins. I don't even want to think about how the assets deal with it.

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    @haitch I think @alexclarkbarry191 wants regular updates on the wallet implementation (core).

    Not every new feature or addition needs to be a fork. A (hard)fork means that the new wallet version won't communicate with the older versions, because the protocols are incompatible.

    Maybe NXT and Monero did that because they added new features. I don't think it is helpful to push any Exchange twice a year to update their wallet in X blocks or they will lose money.

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    @daWallet What I read was that @alexclarkbarry191 want's Adam and BN out of Burst - that would require a new coin.

  • well what if another group or other forum decided to do it?

  • @potkas I do not want BN out of Burst, I dislike that they call us a rogue forum, and that they put us in higher risk of delisting because of their BS.

  • Just because Burst has more volume short term does not reflect long term potential. Many of the delisted coins had large amounts of value. BTM NXC OMNI BCY EMC2 RADS EXP FLDC NAUT are all big connected projects and not going away anytime soon. That leaves HUC NOTE XVC RIC FLO GRC XBC PINK XPM NEOS NMC BLK VER VIA BELA, 15 coins, lets say those 15 are the next delisted, because they are both 1) lower volume, and 2) arguably less advanced. Then there are just 9 coins left in that list with us, so 2 delists away. Its scary to think about but we were much safer 3 delists ago when there were like 50 coins definitely below us. 14 were just cut, we are in the bottom 25. There are many many new Etherum coins out there that will get listed, and will probably. I do not want to or enjoy being the devils advocate, but there needs to be some awareness of where we fit in to all of this. Many of the delistings that took place happened to make server room to support XRP, which has 7 BILLION in market cap, and crashed their entire website on April 1. They went down again when Stellar Lumens moved 400 MIL, and only moved less volume because the site crashed. They will cut the smaller coins if they think it will give them a greater chance of uptime when XRP ETH LTC ZEC XEM XMR or any big coin will be moving. We will definitely not be delisted tomorrow, but every altcoin cannot be around forever. We need to have a detailed plan for what will happen at the end of Q3 2017, Q1 of 2018, Q2 of 2018, Q3 of 2018, Q4 of 2018. If we do not have that we will not be around to start Q1 of 2019 because we will be passed off as going nowhere sometime in the middle of 2018. We need to look towards the long term future, and not at short term gains.

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