3x6TB WDC Green vs 4x4TB WDC Red

  • Guys need your opinion on this one.

    Which would you prefer? I got a got good deal on this package.

    3pc 6TB WDC Green for 140 USD ea. or should I rather go for the newer ones 4pcs 4TB WDC Reds for 120 USD ea. I'm currently undecided on this one since both has each pros and cons.

  • its burst space trumps all go with the green

  • Hey @Gibsalot thanks for the input.
    Typically for a drive running 24/7 how long before it gives up? Still torn between because I'm thinking if this would serve me long enough to fund another drive. I think the WDC greens last manufactured batch was 2015 if I'm not mistaken.

  • hey ill buy the reds if you don't want them? can I get in on that?

  • Yes sure no worries. I'll ask if the seller is wiiling to ship out of country if your not from philippines. What country are you from?

  • @maxles Go for both :)

  • @rnahlawi damn. You just made more difficult for me too decide haha! If only I have that kind of money :)

  • been mining from july 2016 only had 1 drive fail and it was a used 750gig that was over 7 years old

  • I see so that means Im so lucky if that drive gave up on me in early. Btw. Once mining are the drives running at 100% most of the time or only once it found a block to mine?

  • from what i can tell drivs will ither give out within a day or two or will last for years , mining on them does not seem to effect them at all however plotting is much harder on them

  • It seems to me I'll be getting the greens. Just confirmed that the drives indeed manufactured 2015. So this means faster ROI and earlier profit.

    Thanks a lot @Gibsalot! :)

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