Passphrase does not match reward recipient

  • Hi! I have plotted two HD (1Tb and 2 Tb) in 5 partitions of 500gb each and 1 free. Then I used the plot optimizer and transferred the plots. The result was 5 plots:

    HD 1Tb
    HD 2Tb
    7319959220896165329_400000001_1892352_1892352 -> Here I changed "400000001" to "200000001" manually because the overlapping plot advise. Maybe that can't be done this way…
    The fourth partition has free space.

    When I start mining I get the "Passphrase does not match reward recipient" advice. I checked the pool data, set the recipient, waited till the 4th block, etc with the same result.

    One thing i noticed is that when I hit "copy numeric account" the number is different as the first of the plot: 16959145696911182267. But when I press "write plots" the plot generated is like the ones I have: 7319959220896165329...

    Any ideas before I start plotting again my HD?


  • cant just change the name of the plot file must delete and replot with correct starting nonce. have you ever had more than 1 wallet ? witch plotter are you using ? plots are tied to the account that created them and can only be mined by the wallet that created them ... the plots listed are tied to account 7319959220896165329 ... if you have only ever had 1 wallet then it seems you may have incorrectly entered your pass phrase and are infact in a different wallet .. or was in a different wallet when you created the plot's. be advised the pass phrase is vary exact everything counts including cap's and empty space's .. the most common way to enter it wrong is to "copy/paste" it and have an extra little bit of empty space highlighted at the end or beggining of the phrase that empty space will infact generate a brand new wallet as the phrase is different.

  • @Gibsalot Hi! Thank you for your response…

    I only have a wallet and I'm using the gpuPlotGenerator. You're right I'm pasting the passphrase, but inside this Burst Client for Win's account, if I write a new plot, it starts with 7319959220896165329, and if I check the numeric account ID it's 16959145696911182267. Must these numbers be the same?

  • @malvino said in Passphrase does not match reward recipient:


    ID 7319959220896165329 goes to BURST-SVGK-65PX-KCK8-8SF7D (No account name)
    ID 16959145696911182267 goes to BURST-SLFV-73R9-NBCN-GXRQQ (malvino online)

    That should help figure out what wallet you were using.

  • @Vneck You're right! Entering with my passphrase I'm inside the "malvino online" account. When I click "write plots", the default account is the another one: "Your BURST account: BURST-SVGK-65PX-KCK8-8SF7D". ???????

  • @malvino looks like you need to replot with the 16959145696911182267 id#

  • @Gibsalot Yesssssss… :'(

  • for GPU plotter you have to enter that number in the CMD when telling it to generate a plot

  • @Gibsalot Yes, this time I won't make a mistake… Thank you very much!

  • Thank you very much @Gibsalot and @Vneck !!!!!

  • No prob, glad that we could help Superfriend.

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