• Hello Everyone, I have just made my own asset and been turned down on burst nation so I decided to bring it here. My asset strives to have high payouts for little cost in shares. To ensure asset payouts keep constant, I will purchase BURST on the exchange if I do not make enough mining to make payouts. The asset is ATAssets and the id is 9816832562606350214. There are 1,000,000 of them and only 2000 are up for sale now. More will go up in the future if the asset gains enough popularity.

  • Few basic questions to you as asset issuer.

    1. What is this asset about? What do we invest in? You mantioned mining but what are you planing to mine?
    2. Do you have anything to offer already or are you going to start earning when first investors come in?
    3. Who are you? You joined 17 hours ago, so why do you issue asset right away? Tell us something about you and get verified before issuing asset.
    4. Gather all informations and show it to your potential investors in announcement. Check other assets and get this right.
    5. If you try to scam ppl at least put some effort in to it^^ If it's not a bad attempt of scamming then ask yourself before investing if you would invest in this project :D

  • my goal with this asset is to just have a stand alone asset, not connected to a company or website and just provide extra burst for the community at the cost of a small investment. I am mining burst to be able to afford payouts. As no one has invested there is sadly no proof of anything to offer but thats why I need people who are willing to take risks. If I were trying to scam anyone I would have done it sooner or at least tried to make more money out of it. The problem with getting verified is i am not 18 so i can not submit photo id.

  • @genericusrr This thread should be removed.

    Under 18
    Not verified
    First Post on the Forum
    Very little or no information provided.

    Fails on all counts. Please remove this thread.


  • admin

    @genericusrr Sorry, but this is not a good asset announcement. If you read the guidelines, we're asking for people to pre-announce the asset, prefer then to be verified, and provide information about the asset such as how it will earn the funds it's going to payout, frequency etc.

    As for ID Verified, you can be verified, but it'll be flagged as you're under 18.

    @RichBC Not deleting, but am locking.

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