Looking for 8TB HDDs, Exchange 9,000 v2Pool Asset.

  • Hi guys. As you probably know of the 80TB rig I'm building for the v2Pool asset, the computer is built I just need to get some HDDs. And I am looking to buy some good working 8TB HDDs in exchange for 9,000 v2Pool asset for each drive. The shipping is included in the 9,000 v2Pool, it will be ship to the USA, Ohio. You must have a good reputation on this forum. How the exchange will work, you will receive 25% ( 2,250 Asset for each ) of the total when shipped with tracking number, when I have received drives I will send you 10% ( 900 Asset for each ) of total, when I have put each drives through a health test and it passed you will receive the full amount for that drive. If you are interested please pm me, and if you have any question ask them. I am looking to buy up to 10 HDDs. If you have 10x8TB HDDs to sell at once I will add 10,000 asset to the total.

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