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  • @RichBC amazing tool love it there also are around 0.2 btc on polo rdy to reinvest after the pullback

  • @harrygon It's better to hold. Assets price won't drop 70%. hsasset 85 atm - 6% drop?. Divs from some assets won't change. Only gpu mining and assets that earn in different crypto will suffer for some time. You shouldn't panic sell as it's never good and huge drops and only temporary.

  • @Hyzi0 i wont panic sell that why i ask u guys :). i think burst will atract much more new miners with the current price and casino payouts will drop too cuz burst is much more expensive.

  • @harrygon Yes great tool from nameless and ice. here's a link for anyone that has not found it yet. http://www.burstfolio.com/

    Only thing to be wary of is that the Asset valuation is against the highest Bid, and usually does not represent the price you could liquidate at.

    So looking at the assets. 402 & Tokens nothing you can do.

    hassets I like particularly with the small number of shares currently issued.

    snakeeyes & MTMG are a nice combination. casino seems to be paying well, although I have long term doubts about MTMG viability, and if Adam is finding enough gambling time with the radio distraction?

    So overall looks ok to me. I have bought more of most of the above on the sell off.

    Don;t own and have not followed BurstOcean, Burstgrow or M2B.

    So overall looks ok to me.


  • Thank you for showing caution and giving the asset holders your concerns about the future. When the price of any alt goes up this will always bring people out of nowhere to start mining the coin. Looking at my pool, it has already happened. That being said, I tend to look for assets that have to do with Pool payouts or direct mining of Burst. Don't know how much you can make mining yourself, but if you have assets that are mining you are covered in that area. Might want to look into FleX (an asset I own) and see if it will fit into your portfolio is my only recommendation.

  • @CtlAltDel said in Harrygon’s assetmine asset:

    Might want to look into FleX (an asset I own) and see if it will fit into your portfolio is my only recommendation.

    Just want to support this. I bought into flex but chose to sell out for a quick profit. However focus is has a great and well managed Asset, and unlike some other high profile Asset, finds the time to put into managing the Asset.

    There is also a great website, second to none, supporting the Asset, and yes I have used the current fall in Asset prices to buy back in.


  • @CtlAltDel i will have a closer look to the flex asset the next few days.

  • update week #7

    buyback wallet balance 115'064
    miner earnings 669

    well there is still the problem with the deeper payout's from casino the loss from futuros and the recent price push, so i see 2 options to solve this.

    first: new evaluation from div's and buyback, because of the recent push. burst is around 5 times higher than i calculated with.

    second: lower the div's to 0.5% weekly and let it run 100 weeks till the buyback starts.

    what u guys think about that? it's up to u. if there are other ideas, tell me:)

    cya harry

  • @harrygon said in Harrygon’s assetmine asset:

    @vprf ur welcome
    i really dont think that happens but if i will cover it with my own money and if thats not possible we will find a way to make everyone happy

    So it looks like you "covering" it with your own money is out of the question?

  • @vprf nope but as i said above need a little time for that

  • It's always sad to see assets move off from their original ANN. But I guess seeing the recent price shuffling, and difficulties you ran into regarding the held asset's I guess this was not as unavoidable as I might've liked.
    @vprf asked a good question regarding this as differentiating from present business-model is probably more af an issuer's 'responsibility'.
    I think you should mostly contact @RichBC about this as he holds a big share of your asset. I own like 10% of the shares myself and if the two option you suggested are the ones you are willing to consider, I don't mind picking option 2 as this asset was a long-term investment for me already anyway. so making it long-longterm is not a big issue for me

  • @harrygon said in Harrygon’s assetmine asset:

    first: new evaluation from div's and buyback, because of the recent push. burst is around 5 times higher than i calculated with.
    second: lower the div's to 0.5% weekly and let it run 100 weeks till the buyback starts.

    Can you expand / give us an example of the result of your first option, as at the moment there is insufficient information to consider it.

    In general the attractions of this Asset to me were.

    1. 2% Divs every 2 Weeks
    2. Buy back after 50 Weeks. (nice to have an end date as opposed to all the open ended Assets)
    3. Buy back at 1.5 x the release price.

    Now I will admit that there seemed to be a bit of "Too Good to be True" here but the fact that @harrygon had been on the Forum for 6 Months, that there was a current asset portfolio, that the buyback wallet (hosted by haitch) the way it was presented with words like help me to grow my asset portfolio and I have in mind to invest my own money to buyback the whole bunch after 50 weeks. inspired a level of confidence in the Asset Issuer that made it worthy of investment.

    I am pleased to say that all of my positive feelings remain and I commend Kevin for the cautious way he is now handling the rise in Burst and Drama that is surrounding the coin, and affecting all Asset prices and peoples plans for Assets.

    So let's see a proposal / example of the first option.

    On the second option I would much prefer to hold the 50 Weeks and adjust other parameters if something like that is chosen. (50 Weeks in crypto is a long time 100 Weeks is a lifetime)

    I will think on other options, please share any other figures or projections you have done to help us consider and decide.

    However what I would urge above all else is to keep communicating and don't do anything rash. I would prefer a temporary reduction or suspension of Dividend payments while Burst settles than any knee jerk quick fix, oh dear I have made it worse, changes.


  • @RichBC said in Harrygon’s assetmine asset:

    However what I would urge above all else is to keep communicating and don't do anything rash.

    Looks like about 5000 shares of Reaper asset was purchased?

  • @vprf That's a pity. @harrygon when were these bought, is it recent or some weeks ago? Have you not seen the thread on here about Reaper being a Scam?

    Here's a side by side comparison of the portfolio from a Week ago and now.


    So looks like it was sometime in the last Week.

    So Total Asset value almost unchanged, yet every Asset value different and quite big shifts in Burst - BTC - $ Exchange rate, also as we know a loss of probably 5000 * 0.7 on Reaper. (unless they were picked up very late on and very cheap as a speculative Buy?)
    Showing how tricky times are :-)


  • thx for the replies

    at first i wanna say that have still in mind to do further investments in burst, means this asset coz its all i have at the moment
    but i will not waste my money just to payout div's. a asset should be profitable for everyone. as i calculated the the asset the burst price was about 15 usd for 10'000 burst and now its about 100 usd. so that means the price of the buyback is now at 15'000 usd not 1'500, plus 40* 10'000-7'000 divs means another 1'200 bucks for the divs. sure i will invest my own money but i cant invest 20% from income per year in an asset just to pay 5 or 7 times the higer div's. and there is still the fact that i don't now what happens to the burst price in future. so there must be a way to solve such a problem without waste my income. i personaly hate the stuff that happened after the massive prise push and i didn't wanna take the fact that i have to think in usd/burst and not just in burst but after a such massive push u just can't only think in burst. i will never ever launch an asset with any div calculated in just burst because in the end it just hurts investors and issuers. even if everyone has more money. we lost burst and thats the reason we cant get even more money. this is also the reason so many ppl are angry in the forum, im not better just watch the futuros thread.

    with a new evaluation with 0.5 % divs and a buyback from 7.5 burst i still need to invest around 4000 usd (current market prices) i think that would be a good goal almost twice the amount in usd that shareholders and issuer investet initally.

    so and now the reaper crap
    jep i saw the tread and i know it was a big promise he made with 3% divs but i bought the assets before the last payouts and before it was clear that it is a scam, i was thinking i need a miracle anyways so why not give it a go he was listed on bn and never missed a payout till this point. so i bought 4700 at .87 i think and put a sellorder for 700 at .99 in. after i woke up in the morning i saw the thread with all the stuff that was figured out. so my apology for that was a stupid buy.


  • @harrygon OK let's put reaper down to experience and remember that Miracles do not happen.

    Can you work up a summary of where we are.

    Number and value of Shares sold
    Amount in buyback Wallet
    Burst in Asset Wallet
    Your Assessment of the current Shareholding in terms of liking or disliking them and Dividends going forward. Appreciate that this is hard / impossible, but give it a go.
    Anything else that you think might help making the decision on how to take the Asset forward.

    Also any other Asset holders please ask questions and make your inputs?

    Need to go mow the lawn, back later.


  • @harrygon I don't think that burst will stabilize @550 and IMO it will drop to 400 or even lower. It was pump and after pump there has to be some regulations and 550 is still too high. So my advice would be to not panic and just wait. You don't rly need miracles just some patience and smart investing ^^
    Also if you belive that burst will go down, its good to invest in gpu mining atm^^

  • @RichBC sure i can do that but give me little pls im sick atm :/

  • @harrygon Yes that's fine, this is one of those occasions where taking your time is the right approach.

    My holding suggestion while we wait to see what happens to the Burst price and Asset prices in general, during the death throws of Burst Nation, is as follows.


    1. Put Dividend payments on hold.

    2. Make the dividend payment 50% of the actual Dividends received with 50% to the Buyback Wallet.

    Run that for a while until things stabilise and then decide what to do next. This is very uncharted territory for all of us and not a time to be making decisions.

    However let;s also hear what the other shareholders think?


  • @RichBC i think for now its best pause the div payments hsasset payed 77% less then last week. so i cant do any future calculations with this facts need to wait till everything calm a little. but i will do the calculation of the sold shares and and value today.

    down below divs from 5. 20 till now

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