Burst Blockchain DDL - Updated Regular every 24h (Zipped)

  • Hi haitch, I have done as listed above. I am getting output: "2016-10-12 11:08:08 INFO: processed block 5000". Does that look ok?
    Also, should I have a wallet setup? What about 'plotting' the 5TB HDD? Should I let the terminal run - for how long?
    Thanks again for your help.

  • I did get an output of: "2016-10-12 11:51:28 INFO: nxt.apiServerEnforcePOST = "true". Also, am up to 70000 on processed blocks. What is 'run.sh' doing, is it setting up wallet info?
    Thanks again.

  • As 'run.sh' is working, do I need to go to '...localhost...' and make a wallet account?

  • haitch, I have an update. I let 'run.sh' work all night. It started at 11:08 and stopped at 18:06 yesterday-7 hrs. (27500 blocks). Looks like this part of the programming is not working for me. Any suggestions?
    Thanks for any help you can give.

  • Sorry about all the rambling from one question to another. I did open a browser to '...localhost:8125' and got to the burst wallet sign on/create account page. Does this indicate that everything is fine and I should go on to getting an account, etc.?

  • Update-I have added ip address and run 'run.sh. Here are the last few line of that ongoing run:

    2016-10-14 08:29:05 INFO: nxt.allowedBotHosts = "; localhost; [0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1];"
    2016-10-14 08:29:05 INFO: nxt.enableAPIServer = "true"
    2016-10-14 08:29:05 INFO: nxt.apiServerPort = "8125"
    2016-10-14 08:29:05 INFO: nxt.apiServerHost = ""
    2016-10-14 08:29:05 INFO: nxt.apiSSL = "false"
    2016-10-14 08:29:05 INFO: nxt.apiServerIdleTimeout = "30000"
    2016-10-14 08:29:05 INFO: nxt.apiResourceBase = "html/ui"
    2016-10-14 08:29:05 INFO: nxt.javadocResourceBase = "html/doc"
    2016-10-14 08:29:05 INFO: nxt.enableAPIServerGZIPFilter = "false"
    2016-10-14 08:29:05 INFO: nxt.apiServerCORS = "false"
    2016-10-14 08:29:05 INFO: nxt.allowedUserHosts = "; localhost; [0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1];"
    2016-10-14 08:29:05 INFO: nxt.enableUIServer = "false"
    2016-10-14 08:29:05 INFO: User interface server not enabled
    2016-10-14 08:29:05 INFO: nxt.debugTraceQuote = """
    2016-10-14 08:29:05 INFO: nxt.debugTraceSeparator = " "
    2016-10-14 08:29:05 INFO: nxt.debugLogUnconfirmed = "false"
    2016-10-14 08:29:05 INFO: nxt.debugTraceAccounts not defined
    2016-10-14 08:29:05 INFO: nxt.debugTraceLog = "nxt-trace.csv"
    2016-10-14 08:29:05 INFO: Genesis block already in database
    2016-10-14 08:30:23 INFO: Last block height: 278332
    2016-10-14 08:30:24 INFO: Started API server at
    2016-10-14 08:30:24 INFO: Started peer networking server at
    2016-10-14 08:30:24 INFO: Initialization took 79 seconds
    2016-10-14 08:30:24 INFO: Burst server 1.2.6 started successfully.
    2016-10-14 08:30:24 INFO: burst.mockMining = "false"
    2016-10-14 08:39:53 INFO: processed block 280000

    Can anyone determine if 'run.sh' is working properly? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • @vadirthedark I will give it a try on my side and let you know with updates.

  • admin

    @vadirthedark "2016-10-14 08:39:53 INFO: processed block 280000" means you're within 5,000 blocks of current - the counter only updates every 5,000 - so by now, you should be fully synced.

  • haitch - thanks for the update.
    I have opened a wallet account and have PP and ID, etc. and have been following the 'Burstcoin documentattion for GNU/Linux by Kartojal' and also have 14 burstcoins. I am now trying to do plotter setup from 'Readme' file from MDCCT Plotter/.../... from 'Bitcoin Documentation by Kartojal'.

    Here is the first Linux section of the plotter setup instructions:


    Install the build-essential and g++ packets.
    Install OpenCL (available in the manufacturer SDKs).
    You may have to install the opencl headers ([apt-get install opencl-headers] on Ubuntu).

    Modify the [PLATFORM] variable to one of [32] or [64] depending on the target platform.
    Modify the [OPENCL_INCLUDE] and [OPENCL_LIB] variables of the Makefile to the correct path.

    OPENCL_INCLUDE = /opt/AMDAPPSDK-2.9-1/include
    OPENCL_LIB = /opt/AMDAPPSDK-2.9-1/lib/x86_64

    I have Googled this, but I am too new to Linux to understand how to set variables or what the above lines mean. Can anyone help with this?

  • admin

    @vadirthedark you'll need to edit the Makefile file to change the values. Try nano Makefile, gedit Makefile or vi Makefile (vi is evil so hopefully you have alternatives)

  • Edited 'Makefile'. However, it was empty so I added the two 'OpenCL..' variables. I then went to my '.../plotter' dir and ./gpuPlotGenerator listPlatforms' in terminal. Getting error "Inconsistency detected by ld.so: dl-version.c: 224: _dl_check_map_versions: Assertion `needed != ((void *)0)' failed!' I would greatly appreciate if anyone can help me on this situation and how this pertains to the plotting of drive?
    I have a question concerning the running of 'run.sh' and how to know when it has executed fully. I remember that it ran to 280000 and stopped. However, it did not end and come back to $. Any ideas?
    Thanks for any help.

  • admin

    @vadirthedark I'd start a new thread about it - with a title about building the plotter. Will get more attention than being buried in this thread.

  • hi guys, is there a file thats more up to date than the one on db.burst-team.us whenever i use this one on my server it gets to about block 284412 and stops and gives me errors and starts blacklisting

  • admin

    @Lexicon I've updated the db.zip - see if it works for you now.

  • edit: nvm it works

  • admin

    @BurgerBaron The zip failed to create - I've just kicked off a re-zip, try again in 5 minutes,

  • @haitch said in Burst Blockchain DDL - Updated Regular every 24h (Zipped):

    @BurgerBaron The zip failed to create - I've just kicked off a re-zip, try again in 5 minutes,

    awh, I saw some downloading (fairly slow), but thanks!
    Akways the quick replier, hard worker ;)

  • admin

    @BurgerBaron The zip should be available now

  • Hi im new here (watched adams videos last night) ive downloaded and setup the wallet but the blockchain is taking ages to download ive put the unzipped files in the burst_db folder i currently have 4 files in there plus one temp file the files names are as follows;

    is it supposed to take this long any help will be appriciated
    many thanks

  • @armz_j Have you downloaded the blockchain and restarted the wallet? The blockchain should only be replaced with the wallet completely closed (check in the tray!)...
    For you to use the online wallet you don't need the blockchain to be downloaded, only for the local one! If you downloaded this ZIPed blockchain then your blockchain should be max 24 hours behind so it should catch up in 20 min tops (usually less) but if you replaced the files with the wallet still open you have to close the wallet completelly and then replace the files and then open the wallet, then you wait for 10-20 minutes and your localwallet should be ready! ;P

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