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  • @babelis Well I do understand it but it's rly bad news. As harrygon mentioned, sure you have to payout more while burst goes up but you will get more money from it as well. It's still great deal but I believe in Burst and Hope it reaches 1usd one day. So if burst ever goes way up we would 'loose' money and it's no longer worth it to hold everything in assets while their prices will change accordingly to usd. Most ppl that are in crypto are here because they believe it has huge potential so I just don't think that taking usd as a base for payouts is good thing and price of your asset might crash.

  • Hi guys!
    @Hyzi0 I also understand you. You are here for BURST not for USD. I have done some calculations and here is the problem. Since you bought your first shares, the price BURST/USD has risen, and therefore we need to put more USD into your dividends. Today, we need 2% (of ROI in) USD to pay out your 1,5% BURST ROI. There is a good comment about higher price = more money = more HW = more dividends. But to make this operational, we need a vast majority of investments to be made at this (higher) price. Also, there could be some pump on BURST and we would not have money to pay out all dividends because of this BURST/USD problem. Anyway, we have decreased the shares in circulation, and 0,5% more for us is not a big problem nowadays. But we should solve this problem in the future, because it will get worse. There is also an option to buy your shares back. Your ideas are welcome!

    Have a nice day :)

  • Yes, basically if we keep the same share price in Burst and there come some investors now and after 10x burst price increase, the thing will be that the roi for these 2 groups of investors won't be the same, we would have to do some average making it not very promising for future investors

    @chrispop Hi, you own gpu mining asset as well, how do you face this problem?

  • @DanikBasos @babelis Thanks for reply^^ As I mentioned I understand the problem and it's still great deal. Everything goes to if we believe that burst will go high. I guess it's problem with gpu/ASCII mining while paying in other coin and trying to keep stable ROI. My problem with it is not even lower ROI in burst but changing the price of your assets. People might want to sell your asset and it's not possible if burst ever goes over 0.0025$ (to profit from it). On the other hand if burst ever goes down, you can earn quite a lot burst :v I guess there has to be compromise if you want to keep stable ROI, otherwise it's not possible^^ Anyways I would prefer to keep stable ROI with BTC for example but simply not to USD^^

  • @babelis Yes,I am the founder and CEO of BurstOcean. My asset is not just a gpu mining asset as I have incorporated multiple streams of income in it. I know that BURST price fluctuates and this affects the dividends ROI in terms of burst coins,but it is approximately the same ROI in btc.

    One of the BurstOcean's streams of income is burst mining which is a kind of solution to this problem,but this is a complicate issue,but this happens to various assets from other platforms not just burst.

  • @chrispop hmm I see, but it's not the same roi in btc as you are saying, Burst ocean had 5% monthly roi for the first investors but for investors who will come today and buy burst for Btc and then buy burstocean shares for it, it is only 1.86% per month, what will be after the next 10x burst price increase?

    @Hyzi0 ok the thing is, you have to choose if you want to make profits from the burst price increase or the Roi from an asset, we can't give you both... We want to keep it fair for the new investors so we will set a stable price in USD, if you don't want to earn from our Roi and you prefer to believe in the burst price increase, your choice...

    We will give all our shareholders an opportunity to sell your shares back to Burst, if you don't want to earn the ROI in $. This will happen within the next month

  • @babelis i hope u buyback the shares for 100 burst? For me and my asset its not possible to get the roi in usd. Cuz u garanted a 5% monthly. Many ppl where concerned about that and u always told us u guys can cover that. And now u can't. For me thats a massive problem.

    I really beleve in this asset but i need to protect my shareholders aswell. And i can't hold ur shares if u evaluate every share with 0.25. At the mom we are at 0.28 per 100 burst. So how is this fair?

    I would mention u put the price per share between 0.30 and 0.40 i know ur assets will be more expensive but u also get moore money to invest.

    Or u guys put more money from the assetsales into burst minig so u can cover the flactuation of burst better.

    Im really not a fan of the usd pricing cuz i invested burst in ur asset and not usd

    Im sorry to say that but i need to, have a nice day

    Greez harry

  • @babelis I understand your point,but if the price decreases people will get more in burst but same value in btc. Everyone is free to just keep their burst coins if they want to profit(..or lose) from the burst price fluctuations. At BurstOcean we are working hard to increase the dividends over time even if no assets are being sold.
    Moreover if burst price increases 10x the assets value will automatically increase as well.

  • @harrygon

    How is this fair? Some people bought shares for 0.15$ another bought for 0.20$/0.25$(max) we have paid weekly Roi to all of them, and we offer to buyback them for 0.25$, I don't see anything unfair here.

    We understand that you could make 10% more with the burst price increase, but we offer stable and guaranteed 10% maybe in longer time period...

    We told people that we can guarantee them 5% monthly roi, but we didn't tell them this ROI will be in burst, of course, it can't be, because we are earning profits basically in $, sorry, maybe we could come with this earlier

    But stilĺ, the main reason why we are doing this, are the future investors and their returns.

  • @chrispop

    In my opinion Burst is still way undervalued and will go higher...
    Yes, the asset value will increase, the first people who invested will be getting their roi and also profits from burst price movements... but what about the new people who want to invest? It's just a bit unfair and it can lead to decrease in invested money into your and also our asset

  • @babelis 0_1494010967894_upload-64f87d2d-288f-495a-a098-5859f396f919

    its not usd its about burst and sure some ppl bought for 0,15 the ppl who beleve in u at first, with just a promise as return.

    so i will get 81 burst per share atm? and u have buyorders at 91 dont get that sry.

    for me it was the mayor reason to chose this asset coz u have a that 5%, and now u change the rules in the middle of the game?

  • @babelis I have to agree with harrygon on this one. Up to this point it was ROI in burst and that's why @harrygon invested in your asset. While you changed your rules you have to provide him his full refund and that's only fair.
    Just to change the sittuation a bit think about it: Harrygon runs asset that will buy back all the assets @150%. So if what you guys are doing is fair he can say as well: when I released my asset burst was 3 times lower so I will give you back 150% in usd from what you paid. so insted of returning everyone 15 burst he would pay 7.5.
    Sure everyone would profit from it and he probably would get new investors in usd as base but this would be simply different asset not something that ppl bought in.
    I don't understand why latecomers should be treated as early investors in first place but if that is what you want to do, you should probably liquidate this asset and start over or give everyone opportunity to vote/sell without lost and srsly that's only fair.
    Saying this I don't want you to lose money in this project to benefit us. I simply think that if you guys can't pay this stable ROI in burst it should have been handled differently. I'm sure everyone would agree for something like: "if burst reaches market cap 10kk$ ROI will be lowered to 0.75% etc at least for time while x number of assets is sold". This would be fair move as every investor knows that it's gpu mining and not burst directly.
    I know You guys work hard and want what's best for everyone but it's normal that late investors pay more. It's same as if you bought BTC in 2009.

  • @babelis and now as i try to minimize the loss, u undercutt me with a lousy 400 shares?

    are u serious. after all i've done for u

  • @babelis said in [ANN] Futuros:


    In my opinion Burst is still way undervalued and will go higher...
    Yes, the asset value will increase, the first people who invested will be getting their roi and also profits from burst price movements... but what about the new people who want to invest? It's just a bit unfair and it can lead to decrease in invested money into your and also our asset

    You know how is that saying: "The early bird catches the worm".

  • @chrispop said in [ANN] Futuros:

    You know how is that saying: "The early bird catches the worm".

    But the second mouse get's the cheese ;)

  • Sorry a bit late dividends because of poloniex lag

    Assets sold - 7185.3 * share price - 0.25$ = 1796.325$ ---> weekly ROI 1.32% = 23.71149$ = 6239 BURST

    Futuros (1605211475111316015) Total found assets: 1000000, Assets to be distributed: 7185.3
    Summary of proposed distribution of  6239BURST to 46
    Based on asset holders at timestamp 86514508 (Sun, 21 Aug 2016 19:48:28 GMT)
    Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
    4100.2, BURST-USNH-DUG5-YYTW-EXPKA, 3560.20594826
    1500, BURST-5LW6-657H-WXHL-49BCP, 1302.45083713
    562, BURST-RJSG-YUGZ-W8HJ-5DYAK, 487.98491364
    310, BURST-NGGP-LZ2G-BPC2-8DKGE, 269.17317301
    298, BURST-X724-7N6K-RQA7-866M6, 258.75356631
    200, BURST-44FY-YB7W-BDCJ-32ECU, 173.66011162
    72.3, BURST-L4BJ-LLHL-S8UB-HWXZV, 62.77813035
    50.1, BURST-NKUQ-999W-CV88-2LARZ, 43.50185796
    25, BURST-4GT7-QLA2-FLDA-44EMT, 21.70751395
    10, BURST-9UCW-N7RK-ZNNN-HQ3B4, 8.68300558
    10, BURST-4WAN-VXS8-Q9SY-B3F3D, 8.68300558
    9, BURST-HTFF-7PFC-5PNF-7E884, 7.81470502
    6, BURST-9B4U-RNBF-X4AR-BHWEH, 5.20980335
    5.1, BURST-M3VQ-8YBL-VET6-BF4F2, 4.42833285
    5, BURST-5YBX-W97K-PEHB-C4XPX, 4.34150279
    3, BURST-MYVV-Z3W6-6JXT-FDE6T, 2.60490167
    2.3, BURST-D6NX-Q5KG-5UZ7-A2LLV, 1.99709128
    2.1, BURST-RD3G-FELL-GJND-4NQW3, 1.82343117
    2, BURST-K6VZ-WS7K-2FTP-HMUW6, 1.73660112
    2, BURST-JJGJ-UXYK-DWM7-7RB5X, 1.73660112
    1, BURST-N6MK-YHKS-NLVR-HMHLV, 0.86830056
    1, BURST-WWA9-CMQJ-ZLRD-DLUUY, 0.86830056
    1, BURST-MU3B-89RM-YYSW-9F8D5, 0.86830056
    1, BURST-84BD-SN8K-8ET6-HRJN7, 0.86830056
    1, BURST-YQFX-X5K7-UCER-8SMMW, 0.86830056
    1, BURST-4FWQ-85G6-EHQQ-6T27Z, 0.86830056
    1, BURST-E2U2-JYZ9-XSDC-6NGDF, 0.86830056
    1, BURST-HEES-AYVF-MTK6-FVYBR, 0.86830056
    1, BURST-BRUQ-MY7L-UTL3-FH3AX, 0.86830056
    0.3, BURST-2T9H-6DPY-7TQH-B5W7Y, 0.26049017
    0.2, BURST-M2F3-AQ8V-5VRD-3BPWW, 0.17366011
    0.2, BURST-ZAJT-EYMU-LPUL-9TP4V, 0.17366011
    0.2, BURST-NNK7-5EKB-49CK-HN9SG, 0.17366011
    0.1, BURST-QYVC-NLY4-6M5Q-DD5KT, 0.08683006
    0.1, BURST-UDK7-D5Y3-MR94-9UQS9, 0.08683006
    0.1, BURST-4FM8-2MJ5-NL29-59A6S, 0.08683006
    0.1, BURST-DGDQ-GN55-B7F3-GE3TH, 0.08683006
    0.1, BURST-LACW-VZ2A-YXA4-36VYU, 0.08683006
    0.1, BURST-KZQV-7L7K-89K6-HXFGP, 0.08683006
    0.1, BURST-K48W-F6TF-LQJW-FHR6A, 0.08683006
    0.1, BURST-4CTH-XEGM-5GXG-CYEE9, 0.08683006
    0.1, BURST-8PXZ-YZPN-8GBV-EUXMB, 0.08683006
    0.1, BURST-VEFU-NW9C-BK3S-4X297, 0.08683006
    0.1, BURST-YWAX-PYAA-XX5G-D9JPP, 0.08683006
    0.1, BURST-J7U6-TV88-DJX3-9BYB4, 0.08683006
    0.1, BURST-FK9X-CMV2-4Q7Q-C4P4S, 0.08683006

  • @babelis maybe u give us some infs about the buyback?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Wow you decrease your sell order into 68 Burst. What happen? No information about this?

  • @bandarfjb read above😊 im just pissed atm

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