[ANN] Futuros

  • @babelis Slowly stacking more and more^^ Love your asset and had some great deals lately so hope to get to 1k futuros assets this month^^ It's always so hard to decide in which asset to invest^^
    Funny how the best trading assets has at best half your weekly profits ^^

  • @babelis hope you stack more of these rx 480s

    also, you ever looked upon the rx 580s and 570s coming out? the rx580 should launch at 230$ with some boost in performance, maybe claymore will update miner for this.

  • @HiDevin avoid the RX 500 series it's litterly just a a relaunch of the RX400 series with factory OC to limit , nice review of them

    ... if you know how to flash the bios and set them up the 400's are = to the 500's .... if not then pay the little extra and get the 500 with everything alredy done for you from the factory.

  • @Gibsalot fml, ill rather get the rx 500 series instead, because at least I don't have the chance of bricking my rx 480 like I did twice

  • @HiDevin well yea there is that lol

  • @Hyzi0 thanks man, we are doing our best and the reinvestments haven't even started :D + some Asics are on their way

    @HiDevin yes I saw them yesterday, I don't know yet... it seems like they will consume more power only for higher core clock, memory is the same (bad for eth which we are currently mining) need to see some hashrate tests + bios modding first

  • @babelis yea the only thing here, is that really you don't have to unlock the extra speed, the factory does it already, if you were having trouble in bios modding rx 480s than u mine as well get a rx 580 but wait a little bit for claymore to release updates etc etc.

  • Hello nice project there

    Anyhow just wanted to ask, what would you do to the investors if this project failed? Will you be buying back all the assets or some kind of reimbursement?

    Thanks and anyhow, the dividend % is good compare to most other, keep it up, gonna buy 1000 of it soon once i got my burstcoin through trading :)

  • @babelis do you think you will be able to post on BN? from the recent success with this asset, I think you will be able to post there. ( be sure to post your REAL age, they are very strict about that )

  • @puremage111

    Hi, What kind of failure do you mean? If it is a hardware failure, we have 2 years warranty for almost all our components, so the only result can be lower ROI for a couple of weeks until they repair it and send it back to us.

    The second type of failure can be - There are more than 10 gpu mineable and currently profitable coins, in the worst scenario if all of these coins lose their price 2-3x or their difficulty go up 2-3x which is not a very probable, but there is still a small chance... If this happens we sell all our equipment for a fair price and buyback all shares for the money

  • @HiDevin

    Thanks for your advice but I'm already banned there as well as this asset, the reason is: We say that nothing can be guaranteed on 100% and then we say -
    minimum ROI will be 5% per month, if it's not we can cover it from our own miners and earnings And we can't change the description if we wanted to because the asset had already investors...

    Not a very logical reason, I tried to explain to Adam how we meant it but he banned me instead

  • @babelis dang, that was a pretty hard hit then, tbh you have a good running asset rn, but I guess Adam banned you, :/

    ROI: 1.51%

    Futuros (1605211475111316015) Total found assets: 1000000, Assets to be distributed: 4169.8
    Summary of proposed distribution of  6230BURST to 46
    Based on asset holders at timestamp 85233918 (Sun, 07 Aug 2016 00:05:18 GMT)
    Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
    1548.5, BURST-USNH-DUG5-YYTW-EXPKA, 2313.5773898
    1500, BURST-5LW6-657H-WXHL-49BCP, 2241.11468176
    562, BURST-RJSG-YUGZ-W8HJ-5DYAK, 839.67096743
    208.2, BURST-X724-7N6K-RQA7-866M6, 311.06671783
    167, BURST-NGGP-LZ2G-BPC2-8DKGE, 249.5107679
    51, BURST-L4BJ-LLHL-S8UB-HWXZV, 76.19789918
    50.1, BURST-NKUQ-999W-CV88-2LARZ, 74.85323037
    21, BURST-4GT7-QLA2-FLDA-44EMT, 31.37560554
    10, BURST-4WAN-VXS8-Q9SY-B3F3D, 14.94076455
    10, BURST-EYRT-W69Q-ELG2-2BBXC, 14.94076455
    6, BURST-9B4U-RNBF-X4AR-BHWEH, 8.96445873
    5.1, BURST-M3VQ-8YBL-VET6-BF4F2, 7.61978992
    5, BURST-5YBX-W97K-PEHB-C4XPX, 7.47038227
    4, BURST-9UCW-N7RK-ZNNN-HQ3B4, 5.97630582
    3, BURST-MYVV-Z3W6-6JXT-FDE6T, 4.48222936
    2.3, BURST-D6NX-Q5KG-5UZ7-A2LLV, 3.43637585
    2.1, BURST-RD3G-FELL-GJND-4NQW3, 3.13756055
    2, BURST-K6VZ-WS7K-2FTP-HMUW6, 2.98815291
    2, BURST-JJGJ-UXYK-DWM7-7RB5X, 2.98815291
    1, BURST-84BD-SN8K-8ET6-HRJN7, 1.49407645
    1, BURST-WWA9-CMQJ-ZLRD-DLUUY, 1.49407645
    1, BURST-YQFX-X5K7-UCER-8SMMW, 1.49407645
    1, BURST-4FWQ-85G6-EHQQ-6T27Z, 1.49407645
    1, BURST-E2U2-JYZ9-XSDC-6NGDF, 1.49407645
    1, BURST-MU3B-89RM-YYSW-9F8D5, 1.49407645
    1, BURST-HEES-AYVF-MTK6-FVYBR, 1.49407645
    1, BURST-BRUQ-MY7L-UTL3-FH3AX, 1.49407645
    0.3, BURST-2T9H-6DPY-7TQH-B5W7Y, 0.44822294
    0.2, BURST-M2F3-AQ8V-5VRD-3BPWW, 0.29881529
    0.2, BURST-ZAJT-EYMU-LPUL-9TP4V, 0.29881529
    0.2, BURST-NNK7-5EKB-49CK-HN9SG, 0.29881529
    0.2, BURST-CKK2-QZZM-ATUE-D8DT5, 0.29881529
    0.1, BURST-QYVC-NLY4-6M5Q-DD5KT, 0.14940765
    0.1, BURST-PETU-YYUS-FZVC-9VCM9, 0.14940765
    0.1, BURST-4FM8-2MJ5-NL29-59A6S, 0.14940765
    0.1, BURST-UDK7-D5Y3-MR94-9UQS9, 0.14940765
    0.1, BURST-DGDQ-GN55-B7F3-GE3TH, 0.14940765
    0.1, BURST-KZQV-7L7K-89K6-HXFGP, 0.14940765
    0.1, BURST-4CTH-XEGM-5GXG-CYEE9, 0.14940765
    0.1, BURST-FK9X-CMV2-4Q7Q-C4P4S, 0.14940765
    0.1, BURST-8PXZ-YZPN-8GBV-EUXMB, 0.14940765
    0.1, BURST-LACW-VZ2A-YXA4-36VYU, 0.14940765
    0.1, BURST-VEFU-NW9C-BK3S-4X297, 0.14940765
    0.1, BURST-YWAX-PYAA-XX5G-D9JPP, 0.14940765
    0.1, BURST-J7U6-TV88-DJX3-9BYB4, 0.14940765
    0.1, BURST-K48W-F6TF-LQJW-FHR6A, 0.14940765


    The second rig has been successfully constructed and is currently mining ETH+DCR together with the first rig

    If you want to see the performance check it out here - http://dwarfpool.com/eth/address?wallet=e7349b98370571a69c1115472a7ffee7e02438f7

    and for dcr - https://www2.coinmine.pl/dcr/index.php?page=statistics&action=pool , look for DanikBasos

    So currently it's 5 gpu which are mining, still need to do the bios mod for 2 of them
    We have also moved the hdd to the second rig, so the burst mining is back again

    Another great news - we have finally received our 2x A4 dominator and we will set it up next week, so our asset is officially ASIC backed (and ltc segwit on the way)

    Our plans

    It's a good thing to have covered up every algorithm as there can be some price fluctuations in the future, we are aiming for this and we want to get Antminer, Baikal/Pinidea and some nvidia gpus soon.

    We have been also looking for a place where to put all of our future equipment and we've found something like smaller warehouse where we could put at least 50 rigs and hopefully get a good electricity deal, this will be all realised during summer when we will start also with a bigger propagation of this project

    I would like to say thanks to all investors who believe in this project and also owners of staking assets who invested in Futuros

    The future looks bright!


  • @babelis Thank You for the hard work!^^
    Don't forget about nice cooling system in summer (I don't know how hot it gets in your region) but it might get tricky to keep those beasts cool^^
    I love your project and as always can't wait to stack up more of this fantastic asset!^^

  • @babelis really good news :) thanks to u guys

  • @Hyzi0 yes sometimes it's really hot here during the summer (Slovakia) but I think that the fans from Bitmain should do the work and if not we can dip them into mineral oil

    and thanks :)

  • Dividends time, more than 10k Burst paid out
    ROI for this week: 1.52%

    Futuros (1605211475111316015) Total found assets: 1000000, Assets to be distributed: 6785.3
    Summary of proposed distribution of  10333BURST to 46
    Based on asset holders at timestamp 85866679 (Sun, 14 Aug 2016 07:51:19 GMT)
    Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
    4000, BURST-USNH-DUG5-YYTW-EXPKA, 6091.40347516
    1500, BURST-5LW6-657H-WXHL-49BCP, 2284.27630318
    562, BURST-RJSG-YUGZ-W8HJ-5DYAK, 855.84218826
    310, BURST-NGGP-LZ2G-BPC2-8DKGE, 472.08376932
    208.2, BURST-X724-7N6K-RQA7-866M6, 317.05755088
    61.2, BURST-L4BJ-LLHL-S8UB-HWXZV, 93.19847317
    50.1, BURST-NKUQ-999W-CV88-2LARZ, 76.29482853
    25, BURST-4GT7-QLA2-FLDA-44EMT, 38.07127172
    10, BURST-EYRT-W69Q-ELG2-2BBXC, 15.22850869
    10, BURST-4WAN-VXS8-Q9SY-B3F3D, 15.22850869
    10, BURST-9UCW-N7RK-ZNNN-HQ3B4, 15.22850869
    6, BURST-9B4U-RNBF-X4AR-BHWEH, 9.13710521
    5.1, BURST-M3VQ-8YBL-VET6-BF4F2, 7.76653943
    5, BURST-5YBX-W97K-PEHB-C4XPX, 7.61425434
    3, BURST-MYVV-Z3W6-6JXT-FDE6T, 4.56855261
    2.3, BURST-D6NX-Q5KG-5UZ7-A2LLV, 3.502557
    2.1, BURST-RD3G-FELL-GJND-4NQW3, 3.19798682
    2, BURST-JJGJ-UXYK-DWM7-7RB5X, 3.04570174
    2, BURST-K6VZ-WS7K-2FTP-HMUW6, 3.04570174
    1, BURST-WWA9-CMQJ-ZLRD-DLUUY, 1.52285087
    1, BURST-84BD-SN8K-8ET6-HRJN7, 1.52285087
    1, BURST-MU3B-89RM-YYSW-9F8D5, 1.52285087
    1, BURST-YQFX-X5K7-UCER-8SMMW, 1.52285087
    1, BURST-Z7VW-2PQH-AR3V-EX3ZW, 1.52285087
    1, BURST-4FWQ-85G6-EHQQ-6T27Z, 1.52285087
    1, BURST-E2U2-JYZ9-XSDC-6NGDF, 1.52285087
    1, BURST-HEES-AYVF-MTK6-FVYBR, 1.52285087
    1, BURST-BRUQ-MY7L-UTL3-FH3AX, 1.52285087
    0.3, BURST-2T9H-6DPY-7TQH-B5W7Y, 0.45685526
    0.2, BURST-M2F3-AQ8V-5VRD-3BPWW, 0.30457017
    0.2, BURST-ZAJT-EYMU-LPUL-9TP4V, 0.30457017
    0.2, BURST-NNK7-5EKB-49CK-HN9SG, 0.30457017
    0.1, BURST-YWAX-PYAA-XX5G-D9JPP, 0.15228509
    0.1, BURST-QYVC-NLY4-6M5Q-DD5KT, 0.15228509
    0.1, BURST-PETU-YYUS-FZVC-9VCM9, 0.15228509
    0.1, BURST-4FM8-2MJ5-NL29-59A6S, 0.15228509
    0.1, BURST-UDK7-D5Y3-MR94-9UQS9, 0.15228509
    0.1, BURST-DGDQ-GN55-B7F3-GE3TH, 0.15228509
    0.1, BURST-KZQV-7L7K-89K6-HXFGP, 0.15228509
    0.1, BURST-K48W-F6TF-LQJW-FHR6A, 0.15228509
    0.1, BURST-FK9X-CMV2-4Q7Q-C4P4S, 0.15228509
    0.1, BURST-8PXZ-YZPN-8GBV-EUXMB, 0.15228509
    0.1, BURST-LACW-VZ2A-YXA4-36VYU, 0.15228509
    0.1, BURST-VEFU-NW9C-BK3S-4X297, 0.15228509
    0.1, BURST-J7U6-TV88-DJX3-9BYB4, 0.15228509
    0.1, BURST-4CTH-XEGM-5GXG-CYEE9, 0.15228509


    In this post I'd like to discuss the share price and future evaluation of this asset

    As you know our profits come mainly from Gpu/Asic mining, that means that we are not earning our profits in Burst like most of the assets

    If we want to set a stable ROI for our investors we need to calculate share price and also the roi in USD

    We told you that the minimal roi will be 1.25% per week when the price for 10 000Burst was around 15$ , we sold 300 000 burst that we earned from share sales for this price, however during past weeks the price of Burst has increased to 25$ per 10k. Over the past weeks we have been able to keep to evaluation around 1.5%, high above the minimum that we have set and also higher above the other assets. Basically, the Roi for the first investors who bought at 15$ price is now about 2.5% per week and there comes the problem, if the price of the burst increases 2x more, we won't be able to keep this ROi for you as we are making profits in $

    From now we will set the stable share price - 0.25$ per share and we will adjust the burst price every few days, the Roi will be also calculated in USD, This will make it fair for all new and future investors. The first investors will be receiving higher Roi

    We are leaving only 300 shares for sell right now as we have to look for more space for rigs

  • @babelis i totally understand your problem, just waited for that post in fact

    but if the burst price rices u get more money in exchange too, so u can invest more in hardware.

    isn't that evaluating itself more or less? don't know much about gpu and asics mining.


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