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  • @rnahlawi yep, the seagates are the 'archive' flavor so I've read. I am running it as RAID 01 which kinda blows capacity-wise... dang red light is on now since I'm above the 'threshold' lol. It's the QNAP TS-851 - did you see the new one they announced the other day? TS-1685... as if I haven't spent enough on drives lately! Got the Samchung EVO 1tb nvme, but no time to install.

  • @xburst I saw the new 1685 and I hope I can get hands on one :)
    Samsung released the new EVO pro and its slightly faster than EVO and it can reach 2TB. That's something for my next build!

  • @rnahlawi said in WD External HDD:

    @Burstde said in WD External HDD:

    The odd thing is a lot of people seem to take the hard drives out of the my book and sell case only.

    People do that because the drives are more expensive without the box.
    Single 8TB RED is ~310$ while sold in the box for ~250$ each!

    But the WD My book 8 TB does not come with a RED HDD. It comes with a WHITE label HDD, there is no indication that its a Red label wd drive.

  • Just saw this offer
    Can you please tell me what you think about this stuff ?
    The price is very good, and i'm very tempted :p.

  • @zapcost Its 500$ here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01B6BN1CU/
    Update: the one you mention is myCLOUD series, more expensive as its Network Drive (slower for Burst and better for file sharing). The one I mentioned is myBOOK series.

    @pr0cesor I compared the single mybook (white WD) and the mybook Duo (RED WD) with prices of 418$ (single) vs. 499$ (Duo). Check 4th post up.

  • Got a mybook 4TB drive and its default formatted in exfat or something. I can't plot to it since it needs to be formated in ntfs. I might keep it as a backup the way it is but wondering this..........
    Has anyone copied or sent an optimized plot over to a drive formatted in exfat. I though I would do this then replot the drive It came from.

  • @Burstde MyBook connects with USB and you can format to NTFS, I think you're referring to MyCloud which connects over the LAN, if this is the case map the drive on Windows and plot as if its local drive.

  • The WD "Red" drives that come out of those MyBooks are slow 5400RPM with 128MB cache. Seagate IronWolf 8TB drives run at 7200RPM with 256MB cache. Plus, with newegg's current deal you can get two of them for less than $500:


  • This post is deleted!

  • i wrote a tutorial about rejuvenation it increases throughput of any written drive. Just used it on my MyBook 8TB External. Although marginal, it increased the drives gain and i got a slightly faster throughput. Also, I deliberately did away with NTFS for exfat and transferred its plot from an internal pc drive using a 3rd party copying application to prevent fragmentation by using a large memory buffer adjustable in the app. NTFS can be a bottleneck on external disks is why exfat was invented. A fusebundle is available for linux to read them too.

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