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  • @MrWho sites looking great congrats :) I still didn't receive any payment though from mining over a week like many other users, you asked us to send you our address so you could send a bonus which I did but nothing was still received one week later you said its a problem with the online wallet and instead you would be making a faucet to compensate miners but still I dont see this or have I missed it? I've been checking but not seen anything, thank you

  • The faucet was already open 7 days ago for 12 hours, which was a little bonus payment for the downtime, the pool pays normal there isnt any problem, if you check the recent payments you will see thats everything is normal. You also switched to other pool, so you must ask them about the payments. From Neon-Pool side the last payment was for you :

    Bonus was manual + faucet (faucet you miss, so 18 B.):
    18.00 Burst
    2017-07-05 06:55:23

    lovely regards,

  • Everything was not normal and is the reason I switched pools like I told you, I'm not silly and see you trying to reassure people in chat with different usernames come on only fools with no idea will buy that you seen I even called you out in the chat when you was using a different username, yes your own server but you cant hide everything.

    Listen I''m not complaining because I shit out on 18 burst keep them I'm just pointing out the fact you lied and made broken promises like I said I'm not the only one :) and its no bonus been payed 18 burst anyway for 12 days mining, its a joke so keep them.

    I assumed something sneaky when you first PM'ed me about the pool, personally if I'd have PM'ed someone about a pool I would point them to the announcement thread, everyones different I guess.

    What about the pending payments that was reset with no payments sent out? Nice you sneakily stayed away from chat when that was going on...nope I mean hide as another user.

    I won a block about 12 hours after I left your pool so that made up for not been payed for so long, shit I might not have even got the payment if I'd have stayed in yours

    Listen good luck with your pool just try to treat your members with a little more respect and not bullshit them like you have.


  • I dont understanding so far your points, your missing payments (pending payments) was already paid, which is documented at .biz / blockchain. Further you only find me under MrWho or at Burstneon (log in via server) in the chat. The atmosphere is very peacefull, thats everytime the leading point, since the pool lived. Another point is that I already said that it takes some days to bring everything up as compensation (not obligated) spend over 3000 Burst (by 400-600 miners) from my private accounts to the miners. You shouldnt forgot, that we voluntary pay the strucuture and carry about the system.

  • Updates: (since the forum is back)

    Pool Visual

    • Create new layout and stats
      alt text

    • Status report about the server and different protection layers

    • Added navigation bar which automatic scroll

    • Added another SSL-online wallet as reference

    • Added website-scalability

    • Pending List: numeric Id change to public address

    Pool system:

    • Increased deadline limit to 1 year

    • Implement script which makes a backup from the json files (pending list etc.) every half hours and another every 2 hours, that no pending will be lost by system / node crash.

  • Update:

    • Expanding limit of machines with same ip, for miners who have multiple systems/rigs on same location.

  • Update:

    • Pending Amount also refresh every round in the current shares section

    alt text

  • Update:

    • Fixed visual issues (icons) on edge/chrome browser
    • Cleaned unused space to make the site more compact on the top
    • Swaped and updated the tabs "How It Works" & "How To Mine" from navigation bar to tabs
    • Added also some visual things (borders and navigation tabs)

  • Update:

    Adding some stuff to the Block Statistics - Sections:

    • Removed the donut charts and replaced with bar charts with attribues:

    • Showing shares distribution of historic shares ( > 40 shares) and the latest block generators and reward.
      alt text

    • Also the latest 25 entries on the payment section.
      alt text

    • Further added static colors, which depends on the numeric id

  • Info:

    • Have to do short maintenance ~ 1-2 hours.

    All request will be forwarding to other previous server.

  • @MrWho said in Join us BurstNeon ( - SYN-Flood Protected -:

    Thanks, sounds good, implemented a burst guarantee, means every miner gets as guarantee / minimum 2 burst on the pending list, means every 8 blocks gets payout, to support small miners too. @kolture_klash which part exactly?

    Is this still there?

  • Still active. Lovely regards.

  • Announcement

    • Short downtime ~ (30 min - 40 min) migration from hosting service (updating websockets)


    • Forwarding to mobile website < 1280x 800 Resolution
    • Changing background color of mobile website
    • Payout minimum 20 Burst.
    • Adjust client timeout (ignore getWinner notice miner)

  • Update:

    • deadline limit extended to 2 years

  • Information

    • There was a little problem caused from provider side with updating new hardware, it has limited last 24 hours the mining process, problem is fixed. Thanks to be patience.

  • This has been a solid pool for my small miner - Even through all the attacks, I just left my little 130Gigs running - and it chugged along just fine - Everytime the pool went down, it eventually came back up my my lappy didn't miss a beat - The only time I have to worry about it is when I see the payout in my wallet - This pool helped me "set it and forget it!"

    Thanks MrWho - No problems running for the last Month or so - and few prior to that. - getting better all the time!

  • You are welcome !


    • Implemented new navigation and log in system, it allows, to check your pending balance and your progress to the next payout. For log-in it requires only the address, also check that there isnt a space before the address.

    lovely regards


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