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  • im back i got alot farther this time. now im getting an error msg can anyone tell me why or what i have wrong ? when trying to launch gpu ploter it starts its thing then it kicks back with [ERROR][-61][CL_INVALID_BUFFER_SIZE] Unable to create the OpenCL GPU buffer 0_1476405703179_error msg.png

  • @Gibsalot Try this "gpuPlotGenerator generate buffer D:\plots\<your account id>_0_100000_1000" (note the underscores are neccessary) if it works then try increasing the stagger size. If you are still getting the error, edit the devices.txt and reduce the globalWorkSize.

  • buffer error gone but have new error [ERROR] Invalid parameters count at line [1]
    nevermind played with the numbers no longer geting the count at line 1 error ... now im geting invalid file name .........

  • @Gibsalot post a screenshot please

  • 0_1476451524115_error invalid.png

  • update i got it working it was literly the space i had betwen plot file location and my account numeric ID ... its nice went from avrage 900 nonce a min with CPU right now im geting 18000 -20000 nonce a min

  • I have been having an 'Inconsistency ...' error while trying to plot a 5TB drive, but need direction for Linux Ubuntu 14.04 system. I have an explanation under Mining and Plotting/Inconsistent Error ...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • This post is deleted!

  • have not seen anyone post about it anyplace and not sure if it's the same for everyone but im my case ploting 3 dif HDD's with GPU ploter the <number of nonces> 100,000 is = to 24GB of space used... using that its easy to figure up a <number of nonces> to make a plot file the size you want.

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    Nonces_to_plot = Round_Down(( disk_size_in bytes / 262144) / stagger ) * Stagger

    That will get you the exact number of nonces to fill a specific free space.

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