Quick Guide to the AIO Wallet/Plotter/Miner

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    Mining with the AIO Burst Plotter/Miner/Wallet.

    1. Watch this video:

    2. Download and install the AIO from: https://sourceforge.net/projects/burstwindowswallet/

    3. Start the AIO, and select New Account.

    4. Write down, copy to a file or take a screenshot of your password. If you lose your password you lose any Burst in your wallet.

    5. Look at the numbers/letters on the top left, underneath the Burst Logo – this is your account ID.

    6. Now goto https://wallet.burst-team.us (or http://localhost:8125 is you’re running the wallet locally). Look at the account ID in the second window? Is it the same as in the AIO miner? If not, you’ve copied the pass phrase incorrectly. Start over again at Step 3.

    7. Close this Window and go back to the AIO. Click on your Account ID and select “Copy Account ID”

    8. Down the bottom of the screen, click “Write Plots”.

    9. Select the Drive you want to plot and how much you want to use. Then Click “Plot This Drive”.

    10. Select the number of threads and how much memory you want to use.

    11. Paste the Account ID into the box that says your Burst Address. Visually check it against the account displayed in the top left – are they the same. If not, Type in the Account ID EXACTLY as displayed, or go back to step 7.

    12. Click Start plotting – this will take some time, the more threads and RAM you allocate the less time you’ll have to wait.

    13. Once completed, click “Start Mining”

    14. Select a pool to mine against.

    15. If you’ve not already joined a pool, click change assignment.
      a. The pool address will be automatically copied, paste it into the second box.
      b. In the first box enter the pass-phrase from 4. Then Click Change Assignment.
      c. The assignment change takes 4 rounds ~ 16 minutes – you can start the miner beforehand, but any submissions will be dropped by the pool.

    16. Select one of the miners to use
      a. The Default is CPU mining and will work on any CPU.
      b. The AVX Option requires a fairly modern CPU with AVX support.
      c. The OpenCL version uses your GPU, and may require additional configuration (Not covered here yet).

    17. Congratulations you’re mining.


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