Satoshi Mountain Investment Club

  • Satoshi Mountain is forming Satoshi Mountain Investment Club (SMIC) as a division of Satoshi Mountain. This asset will be measured in USD. 6697794905457854420

    SMIC investment objective is to seek high current income measured in USD. SMIC will also seek capital appreciation as secondary objective. SMIC invests in various sectors, such as advertising, auto parts and equipment, building and construction, building materials, cable and satellite television, chemicals, consumer/commercial/lease financing, diversified capital goods, electronics, energy-exploration and production, food-wholesale, gaming, gas distribution, real estate investment trusts, software-services, specialty retail, steel producers/products, support-services, theaters and entertainment, transport infrastructure/services, aerospace and defense, machinery, health facilities. Satoshi Mountain is the investment advisor of SMIC.
    SMIC Portfolio

    Cash dividends and capital gains earned minus what is withheld for taxes will be converted to Burst coin. The percentage of cash converted to Burst coin vs the amount reinvested into more assets will fluctuate and be determined by managment.
    Cash converted to Burst
    50% will go to paying Burst coin dividends to holders of SMIC.
    50% will go to repurchasing shares up to 99% of issue price. Shares repurchased will go to a wallet which will not be excluded from dividends. The funds earned from repurchased shares will go to growing the portfolio.
    Escrow 50% of coins raised from issued asset sells will go to placing buy orders at 50% of issue price.

    Until the portfolio builds up enough holdings to earn enough income to support itself buybacks and dividends will be funded by my personal 4tb miner.

    Shares go to four decimals. The smallest amount that can be purchased is .0001 shares for 20 coins.
    Half (0.5) of a share is being issued at a price of 200k coin per share. This strategy should help deter any financial terrorists from opening lots of wallets with the smallest amount of shares possible. Buybacks will be posted for a price up to 199,999 coin per share. Any sell orders for a lower amount will be filled first.
    Once a current block of shares is sold out out another block will go up for sale at 2 coins more per share. Buy back orders when placed will reflect 99% of current issued asset price

    For example when the 0.5 share block for 200k coin per share sells out another block will posted for 202k coin per share and all buy backs posted after this will be posted at price of 201.99k coin per share. Once the block for 202k coin per share sells out then another block will be posted for 204k coin per share and buy backs posted afterward will be at 203.99k per share. So on and so on for a undetermined amount of times.
    Once a block is sold out a buy order for 50% of the amount of coin raised from that block will be posted representing the 50% escrow. Escrow buybacks will never be canceled.

  • Why?
    I've had this idea for quite a while. Mostly my ideas came from reading about the Harrygon's assetmine operation.
    This allows the Satoshi Mountain operation to invest in some of the most liquid assets in the world. Provides relible income from now until long after Burst has been mined out.

    Who would want to invest in this?
    People that do not have access to U.S exchanges and want a little exposure to the markets via crypto. Those who want to collect dividends then sell into a buy order for 99% of issue price. Those who have built up trust in me through Satoshi Mountain.

    End Game goal is the same as the Harrygons assetmine original idea. Build up the portfolio and use the earnings to buy all the shares back while also paying out dividends to holders. However instead of investing strictly into Burst assets will invest in much wider range.

  • @Dillion I was going checking the payout dividend process and you have 1 account with 0.2 shares and another with 0.1005 shares when only 0.0005 shares have been sold.

  • admin

    @Dillion You have 0.5 of a share for sale at 200,000, but 30 Shares have been sold @ 100. Assuming all shares get sold, the 100,000 Burst half share, will get 1.6% of the earning the 3,000 Burst shares get. What's the story with that ?

  • @haitch said in Satoshi Mountain Investment Club:

    @Dillion You have 0.5 of a share for sale at 200,000, but 30 Shares have been sold @ 100. Assuming all shares get sold, the 100,000 Burst half share, will get 1.6% of the earning the 3,000 Burst shares get. What's the story with that ?

    Looks like those were bought back from the asset issuer.

  • Yes they were brought back those first transactions were me testing the decimals.

    Clear things up a bit

    The .1 share in my wallet represents the $180 portfolio to start with.
    The .2 share that SM was holding was moved back. This was from when I was testing the decimals with my original idea of a sale price at 100 coin each. Decided to make it way higher to deter any jokers tokers and midnight smokers from fooling around.
    Also I will be adding to the pot/portfolio out of my own pocket from time to time and will not take any shares of SMIC in return. This will help boost income and make buy backs a bit quicker.

  • Just for a little proof that I'm not trying to pull anyone's chain. Here are a couple screen shots of the brokerage accounts I use. As you can see we are starting off on a micro scale. It' will take some time to build up. Once it is built up should be a beast.


    0_1500228835455_Screenshot_2017-07-16-14-08-09.png![alt text]

    0_1500360396296_Screenshot (55).png

  • Update
    Not placing escrow on the shares I buy. Be kind of pointless.

    Thanks to those who have invested I was humbly surprised by haitch dropping 20k coin in my venture.

    Things will be very slow for the first few months as I build up the portfolio.

    This asset of assets will be the most liquid asset on the exchange in terms of USD and reliability. I can liquidate at any time from almost anywhere within U.S market hours and have the cash at coinbase ready to buy BTC within 48 hours. If it takes me liquidating the entire portfolio just to pay investors back that is something I'll be willing to do. Don't ever see it coming to that as the way were set up if you collect a dividend of .1 coin and wait until you can sell into the 99% buyback then your even. Any dividends collected after that is pure profit. Might sound to good to be true however its' going to be extremely slow to start and I will benefit greatly from this too in the end when all SMIC shares are bought back and I'm left with a sweet portfolio.

    You'll see the 99% buybacks posted for all kinds of different amounts of shares.
    For example .0001 share and .002 share. Remember when you go to sell into those you don't have to do each one separately and waist a coin on each one for transaction fee. Just put the total amount of shares you want to sell at once and the exchange should fill those orders without charging you a coin for each one.

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