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    Miners, we've posted over and over again that the pools we provide are targeted to different miners. We've done this so that we can get the PB scale combined efforts to successfully mine at our pools - fund our assets. We have 4 pools (and I will build more if needed), and we're hoping you will join the most appropriate one. The change was announced, 12 hours before it happened - I would have preferred longer, but needs must ,,,,, Anyway, enough with the hate mail okay ?

    Below are the MINIMUM suggested capabilities of your miner for each pool. Please, if you don't meet the minimum requirements for the level you're mining at - change pool. If you're exceeding the entry point of the next level up - move up. It's not difficult. Email me if you're having issues. If we can get the pools more or less balanced, then we all as miners will earn more.

    A range of pools offering equal rewards will benefit you more than a popular pool that pays frequently, but peanuts per round ......

    Pool Name - Minimum recommended capity to mine there.

    burst.ninja - 60TB
    pool.burst-team.us -15TB
    pool.burstcoin.biz -1TB
    pool.burstcoin.eu - Anything.

    Edit: burstcoin.biz max Deadline extended.

  • @haitch What percentage of miners come to the forum and read these announcements? I would expect it to be small.

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    @TurtleWinsRace I've no idea - but before we do any significant changes we announce here and on BitcoinTalk.org. We can announce everything on the most popular platforms, but we have no way of advising everyone.

  • @haitch Is the a way to put some kind of notice or link on the pool pages? My wallet has a link that says messages, but i'm new at this and I've never received one.

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    @TurtleWinsRace Individual messages can be sent, but you're looking at 1,300 individual messages. Links off the pool pages are not going to work for reasons I'm not going into in detail.

  • I can't go in to burstcoin.eu. I tried and followed the instruction with error 5 but still I only receive error 5. burstcoin.eu is not found for mining

  • I spent 10 burst to try to get in on EU,,something is wrong with EU or is it the Wallet?

  • Guys this might help.....
    0_1468843249497_3.jpg 0_1468843245186_2.jpg 0_1468843249497_3.jpg 0_1468843253540_4.jpg

  • @haitch said in Pool Recommendations.:

    A range of pools offering equal rewards will benefit you more than a popular pool that pays frequently, but peanuts per round ......

    after the change i went from making 300 or so every couple of hours to nothing of note in 24hrs how exactly did i benefit from this change?

  • @mouse_rr Just my 2 cents worth, but you didn't mention what pool you were mining on, which one you switched to and how many terrabytes you have plotted.

  • @TurtleWinsRace i had been on the burst-team pool which was where i was instructed to go when i started because it was suited for those without massive hd banks to use, things were going nicely then some change happened, the burst client crapped out and after having to swatch to a different revision i find that instead of getting regular dls and earning 300 or so every couple of hours i now earn nothing all day. iv been watching and waiting and the pool i was told to jump to pool.burstcoin.eu/ that is the only option for small miners now is worthless.

  • @mouse_rr When I switched pools, for a few days, I saw a downturn toward my wallet. Give it a chance to pick back up. Everyone is going to be different, I suppose, but after a little more time, things might get better. It did for me. I know waiting and wondering is frustrating for most miners. At least the smaller plots don't make the electric bill jump, Hang in there!

  • I did change the conf file since I can't get through using the reward recipient but I can't see my account ID in the pool at all. I already have 3 deadlines but my name is not found in the burstcoin.eu.

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    @belijone - what is your burst address ?


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    @belijone - I see what I believe is your reward assignment here: http://burstcoin.biz/transaction/8922988313912446908

    But the timestamp shows only a couple of hours ago.

    You said "I did change the conf file since I can't get through using the reward recipient but I can't see my account ID in the pool at all." - I'm not sure I understand it - the conf file pool and reward recipient have to be the same pool.

    Just to clarify 1) Have you done a reward assignment to pool.burstcoin.eu, 2) is the conf file for your miner pointing at pool.burstcoin.eu, because checking in the logs I see 0 submissions for your account - not even a "does not match" on reward assignment.

  • @belijone said in Pool Recommendations.:

    yes, i did assign reward assignment but it is always error 5. after I changed the conf file as per suggestion above, I got an error 4. So I have no idea what to do next

  • "InfoPort" : 8124,

    "EnableProxy" : false,
    "ProxyPort" : 8126,

    "CacheSize" : 100000,
    "ShowMsg" : false,
    "ShowUpdates" : false,

    "Debug" : true,

    "SendBestOnly" : true,
    "TargetDeadline": 4000000,

    "UseFastRcv" : false,
    "SendInterval" : 100,
    "UpdateInterval" : 950,

    "UseLog" : true,
    "ShowWinner" : true,
    "UseBoost" : false,

    "WinSizeX" : 80,
    "WinSizeY" : 60
    thsi si what's inside my conf file

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    Goto https://wallet.burst-team.us:8125/rewardassignment.html , skip the first two fields, put your passphrase in the third, and BURST-7Z2V-J9CF-NCW9-HWFRY in the last field, then click on submit. You should 5-6 lines of code back - this is the confirmation of the Reward Assignment.

    Then in the AIO client, click start mining, then in the dropdown where the pools are listed, manually enter pool.burstcoin.eu , then start mining with one of the options.

    For the first four rounds you'll get "does not match pool" errors, then your DL's will start being submitted and counted.

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    @belijone There appears to be several lines of the miner.conf missing at the top of the file. I've attached a working one, but you'll need to update the paths to match your system.0_1468885443613_miner.conf Rename the file to miner.conf, adhust for your plots, then copy it back to the appdata folder.

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