New Era of Asset Exchange_ Buy Backs everywhere Only Strongest Survive!!

  • Highest Traded assets are those who give up and buying back shares others are almost dead just breathing to be alive, some cowards left their family in difficult time just to survive ..whole platform is renewing and this filtration bring out Realities . its time to cheerup we are now in more safe environment!!

  • Crowetic is committing Grand larceny not a buyback

  • @mikejoe exactly it seems like adam and crowetic is playing a big game behind scene!

  • @mikejoe bcoz crowetic is doing good from years if we recall history and after he joined adam he started cheap moves and get down to this level and at last a cheap scam !!

  • Once upon a time there was a Frog and a Scorpion both are best friends. Frog wants to cross a river, Scorpion wants to help him but Frog afraid if he poision him like he poision everyone when he sit on his back while crossing river, but Scorpion made him Believe that he is his best friend why he poision his best friend, So frog trusted him as his best friend and sit over his back. Both crosses river and in last Scorpion Poisioned Frog while Dieing Frog asked Scorpion you are my best friend i trusted you why you Poision me. Scorpion replied while crying i dont want to poision you but its in my nature its in my blood to poision everyone i have no control over it!!

    Moral of story--Even trust your enemy it maybe profitable,but never trust a scammer who scammed before he will scam you even if he dont want to coz scamming is in his nature!!

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