What has happened to the Reaper Thread?

  • A lot of discussion Yesterday and a post I read this Morning with a lot of interesting info, went back to read it again and it's all gone, least wise I cannot find it.

    Thing is the Asset is of course still there, Asset Issuer has dropped the sell price and people are still Buying. We need this discussion back, so that others can read the information and we can either get some answers or write it off as a definite Scam?


  • has the issuer himself deleted his thread? if so it's kinda shady of he deletes his own thread and lowers the price to undercut sellers in order to make a few more bursts. Looks like a big scam to me, and the info @Hyzi0 released yesterday probably made him scared and ran off

  • Interested in this too. I admittedly purchased a few shares for 100 BURST. Wondering what is going on and did I jump onto it too early... The issue is I bought at about 0.75, now he is selling them at 0.5 which is undervaluing my share :(

  • @keyd0s I do not think we can delete a thread, only Admin. Also although he shows 18 Posts they are all gone as well.

    @haitch Would be nice to hear from a Mod as I am not sure that even if this is a Scam that deleting the thread helps?


  • admin

    Hi RichBC,

    seems like the user deleted his own thread. I brought it back for you.

    I'll check if it is possible to cut this privilege (deleting the own thread) to make sure this won't happen again.

  • @daWallet OK thanks did not realise you could do that, but I guess it answers the question about this being a Scam :-(


  • I know very little about this asset, but wasn't this one of the many assets that have been handed out for free to random people? That should be a warning sign, I reckon.

  • @Propagandalf I had never heard of it until yesterday, however looking at the Asset transactions there are a lot of small transfers so I think you are right.

    Suggest continued discussion back in the original thread.



  • obvious scam is obvious people

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