trying to solo mine

  • ok hadnt done it before so i thought why not ,
    ok i set choose pool to the port is 8124 ?
    and set burst address of pool to my address and did my passphrase and waited for the confirms
    is this all correct cause this is what im seeing
    alt text

  • admin


    I'm working on including solo mining in the AIO but at the moment you have to get your hands dirty:

    Port for solomining is 8125
    You have to create the file passphrases.txt in the \\ folder and put your passphrase in it.

    Also you have to edit the blago's miner config from pool to solo and start the blago miner directly, without the AIO GUI.

  • @Bitdv make a file in the miner folder named "passphrases.txt" and save your passphrase in it.
    beware that your wallet passphrase will be saved in clear text and also will be logged in the miner log files in clear text as well.
    Also, change miner config to "" port "8125"

  • @daWallet @rnahlawi ok i watched a video and it showed me , and im not questioning you guys at all all i have to do was change pool address to and the pool address to my burst address on this video

    is this wrong ??

  • admin

    It's not complete and port is wrong as far as I remember...

  • @daWallet ok mate ill wait till you get it in the wallet cause ill just stuff it all up if i start friggin with files and that thanks

  • admin

    @Bitdv Good to know that there are now at least 2 persons who would use that feature in the AIO. ;) I will double my efforts now :D

  • @daWallet lol i see were your going 2 people double , i get it , but yeah i mean on the pool i have been getting like 2 or 3 a week so i thought why not have a stab probly die in the ass but ill give it a go and probly get a few more drives as i go

  • Hi,
    What it is the recommend capacity for solomining?

  • For me it works as long as i am mining with the same pc my wallet is installed to... But it isn't working as soon as I try to mine and connect to the pc with the wallet via Internet... Anyone know why? I already edited the config files of the wallet and allowed connection from everywhere...

  • can we mine through mac or download wallet on mac?

  • @dvndr007 sure. Wallet is Java, go ahead.
    The original pocminer (java) runs, but is dead slow.
    There are several miners (in C) that compile on OSX, or you use the OpenCL-based jminer. See software section, there might be ready-made packages.

  • I must have all the blockchain download to solo mine?

  • @hgrh yeah, you're db needs to be up-to-date and clock time synced

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