Is there anyway that we can rent out our Harddrive space while mining?

  • @Wolf i like where your head is at.. but like @tross is saying.. doesnt seem possible.. unless you are renting fractions of an existing plot. but then you wouldnt be able to mine the whole capacity .. might not be worth it even if it was possible.


  • @Wolf they probably store shards of data in a db on you hdd like storj shares. so may be sia and burst poc coins but dogs and cats are also both animals and there is no such thing as a catdog except in make believe.

  • @tross The cat and dog thing is probably not the best example. lol. But I see what you are trying to say.

  • So are you guys saying that there is no other way to prove that you have X amount of space with some other form of calculation code without filling up the whole entire space?

  • sia and burst have tow different meanings for the term POC. Sia has a goal to collect data and pay people for that storage. The data is in some kind of plotting system so it can be found. Burst fills up a hdd with nounces every 256kb and when you mine you search your hdd to find a dl which are in one of those 256kb. So they are two different systems doing 2 different things.

    Now you could probably upload a burst plot to sia storage but you cant mine it. Its decentralized storage so pieces of your burst plot would cover the world.

  • @darindarin said in Is there anyway that we can rent out our Harddrive space while mining?:

    unless you are renting fractions of an existing plot. but then you wouldnt be able to mine the whole capacity

    I like what you just said.. Is it possible to make a plotfile to reserve some % of your capacity to calculate the size of your drive and adjust the block reward in the code to make it worth it?

  • i am digging the fact that wolf is thinking outside of the box... Good stuff though I can't wrap my head around it completely.

    I see what is being said though, if you're mining the 8tb, then it's being used/occupied already. Wondering if during the short period of time it's not in use, can it then be occupied by another individual to use..? I maybe way off, just figured I would put it out there.

  • OK guys I know that a plot file fill up space. So how about the plot file reserve only 10% of your capacity to only calculate nounces, and adjust the block reward to make it 10x higher ( to make the amount of rewards equivalent to what we mine now). The rest of space is rented out.


    1. Make a plot file size of 10TB.

    2. 1TB is reserve (in Plotfile) for calculating nounces and make it equivalent to mining 10TB by adjusting the Block reward 10x higher.

    3. The rest of your capacity (also in the Plot file which would be 9TB left) is rented out on the platform as cloud storage for users/businesses.

    Do anyone see any issues with this? Although it maybe needed to make Fork of Burstcoin for a project like that or somehow implemented in the code.

  • @Wolf i think you have the answer already .. if you plot less you will leave some capacity to be "rented" .. which is why i think this was never implemented.. it also helps hedge your portfolio.. if this one new fork of a coin goes down you lose but if you are still gaining other coins elsewhere that arent directly tied you can lessen the blow for example .. i think .. im no programmer but i do not see the need for a better mouse trap

  • i do like that you are thinking about it though.. i am not telling you , you are wrong or right.. but i am offering an uneducated opionion

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