One Ounce Pure Silver Burst coins

  • Well that's tricky. IF I made some physical Burstcoins I'd do a crowdfund to cover the minimum production costs. I will pay for basic shipping with tracking but if extras are wanted such as overnight air, insurance, etc then that will have to be paid by the buyer.

    So free basic shipping, buyer pays for shipping extras.

    There will be three tiers of coins

    Basic - just the coin and non-signed Certificate of Authenticity

    Mid tier- Coin, signed Certificate of Authenticity, Burstcoin branded 8GB USB preloaded with Burstcoin wallet

    Premium - Coin, wooden display case, signed Certificate of Authenticity, Burstcoin branded USB preloaded with Burstcoin wallet. Possible other goodies

  • Nice i would order one if available

  • @socal some of my friends have done this before on a silve group on facebook so far we have made a set of 4 coins not burst when we did it the min order was 1000 troy oz we made the design set it to them they did the rest was about 1 month or so to get them back proof coins they do look good i would be interested i put this up in the chat room last week on BN some where interested in this talked about getting the designer from silver shield to made do it

  • Being silver, certified and burst, perhaps they could be staked by purchasers into assets?
    Personally I'm gonna let everyone else use this idea cuz I'm building a portfolio.

  • this idea is so cool! I'm totally willing to buy one

  • Count me in for the silver coin too dude, If I had the graphine molds id make some but I dont have a cnc machine, so ill grab one of these, you never said a price, but im in whatever the price :)

  • Sounds interesting. Depending on the price I would most likely be interested in the premium.

  • @socal said in One Ounce Pure Silver Burst coins:

    @BigBear I make a silver coin with the Burstcoin logo and branded "Burstcoin"

    I put a small divot into the back of the coin and then generate Burstcoin addresses, the associated private key for each address will be printed out on a small paper disc and placed into the divot in the coin. The divot with the paper disc will then be covered by a tamper proof security hologram thereby securing the private key and associating the Burstcoin address with the physical silver coin

    What's the point of the included burst account? seeing as you can't change the password i'm not sure who would use it.

  • @newsense2004 the point is you can use the coin as a cold wallet I keep no copies of the keys so they are 100% secure

  • @socal What do you mean cold wallet? and what are the prices for the coins?

  • @newsense2004 cold wallet is a secure type of offline storage, since the only place in the world the private key exists is on the paper inserted into the coin it's unhackable since paper doesn't have internet lol

    Basic coin - $50

    Mid-tier - S100

    Premium - $250

    More details to follow

  • Is there a Graphics Designer that wants to work with me on a coin design? Pay will be one free premeium​ coin

  • If this coin happens some of the bonuses for purchasers will be Burst logo stickers and Burst branded USB thumb drives

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