Having trouble setting up burst-miner-r4 on linux x64

  • I'm trying to mine on linux x64 but I'm stuck. I'm been reading this tutorial:

    I'm just trying to mine my USB flash drive (128GB) and it's labeled as "BURST"

    My configuration for burst-miner-r4:
    "poolUrl" : "pool.burstcoin.eu",
    "submissionMaxDelay" : 30,
    "submissionMaxRetry" : 3,
    "socketTimeout" : 60,
    "maxBufferSizeMB" : 512,
    "plots" :

    Then I type in ./burstminer
    I get the following output from terminal:

    robert@robert-Studio-1555 ~/didactic-giggle/burst-miner-r4 $ ./burstminer
    Burst cryptoport Miners

    author : uray meiviar [ uraymeiviar@gmail.com ]
    please donate to support developments :
    [ Burst ] BURST-8E8K-WQ2F-ZDZ5-FQWHX
    [ Bitcoin ] 1UrayjqRjSJjuouhJnkczy5AuMqJGRK4b

    using config file : mining.conf
    No valid plot file or directory in config file mining.conf
    Aborting program due to invalid configuration
    robert@robert-Studio-1555 ~/didactic-giggle/burst-miner-r4 $

    What am I do wrong? I'm new to linux so step by step instructions is needed. Thanks.

  • Do you have a plot file in /media/robert/BURST ?

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