Current Share vs Historic Share

  • I have read
    and thought I understood


    with this example, I'm not sure I fully understand
    Block: 360644, Scoop: 279, Diff: 25079
    Miners: 645
    BURST-PHJ5-JMZP-3EQQ-EAA2B ( my current pool

    In the current shares during Block 360644 I hit what I thought was a decent reward of 18.75
    mrgoldy 21 hours, 1 min, 31 secs 1.733% 18.75

    A few blocks have gone by, but I don't see it in my Historic shares.
    I am of the understanding that the historic shares is an accumulation of your time mining that pool, and the reward column in the historic side is a sum of all the current shares rewards.

    Am I mis-understanding this?

  • admin

    @mrgoldy The current block column is your reward IF the pool wins this block, the historic value is a floating average of your contribution over the last 50 blocks that will be paid WHEN the pool wins a block.

  • @haitch
    AHHH.....If and When

  • @mrgoldy The Historic share takes account of the previous 50 Blocks. so one good reward will not have much effect on your Historic Share.

    I do not know the exact algorithm but it is something like a Moving Average of your last 50 Current Shares.


  • @RichBC so in that example, if the block was won by the pool, the 18.75 would be rewarded to me? but it would take at least the 4 rounds to be assigned?
    thanks for explaining the 50 current share average, does that relate only to the Share %?
    is the historic reward also an average? or is that an exact accumulation?

  • @mrgoldy If the Block was won by the Pool then you would have got 18.75 + whatever your Historic Share was, paid after 4 rounds.

    If the Pool did not win the Block when you got 18.75 then 18.75 is added to your 50 Block moving average. (As I say not certain on the algorithm but thinking of it as a moving average of your last 50 Block Current Shares is near enough :-)


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