Burst desperately trying to hold onto 500

  • So I think we will find out Today if the Support at 500 Holds? It's been tested several times, and if it drops through we might be headed for 300?


  • This post is deleted!

  • So what are peoples thoughts, will it hold and climb, run along bouncing off 500 or are we headed down, and if so where will the new bottom be?


  • continue with your mining , burst was not this price last year , BUST IS BUSTING ANY TIME ANY MOMENT , YEARS , DECADES CENTURIES, learn from b.t.c

  • @cashgold Mining is great at the moment. I would love to see us hold onto 500. It will of course bring in more miners so the reward will reduce, but some real money being made every Day at the moment :-)


  • I took my coins out, after all the drama with adam crow and nameless. I made still a impressive increase from my original Investment of 50€ to 400€. I only have my assets left. This drama was too much for me.

  • I think the general sentiment is quite bearish now, burst could continue going downward for some times, unless the market gets manipulated again.

  • @Nisc3d I am often wrong.... but am concerned that we might see a big sell off, either as a reaction to the latest drama or because Adam may Dump in order to Pump again? So I have sold everything that was liquid for the moment.

    I feel it's a win win, because I have made some nice gains and if it goes down I can buy back, but if we hold or go up, Mining is great, and hopefully we will see some recovery in the Assets that are too illiquid to sell at the moment?


  • @RichBC Mostly my real life friends convinced me to sell. From 50€ to 400 is impressive and I sold for €, because I don't know for how much time the bitcoin price is so high. I think Adam is done with dumping now. He will try to bring it up again, but we will see if that's successful with the current situation.

  • I would have loved to hear the analysis of @FXALTareeq on the situation if he was still around :)

    @Nisc3d I would advise you to buy back your coins if the price goes down. The big profits will come to those who hold their coins for years, not days, weeks or months :)

  • @Gadrah_ Ok, I hope bitcoin is down again then.

  • @Nisc3d Most importantly do your own research, only buy when low and sell when high, think about each of your moves not twice but three or four times and be patient !

  • @Gadrah_ Yep, I will do that.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Nisc3d 504 has been good for 4 Hours now hitting 502 for the first time. 7BTC at 500, which could be pulled and then nothing until 472/3. We will see?

    Oh dear.......


  • @RichBC And there it goes down.

  • Yeap Sold rest at 503 right before drop. It might hold @474 for some time but then it will drop to 445 IMO.

  • @Hyzi0 My latest scooping up of Burst did not get to polo in time, seems to take forever... So let's get the dead cat bounce over and see where we end up? But anything could happen, so always best to hedge your bets.


  • @Nisc3d and othere selling cause of the drama...


    selling is making things worse, just hold on at least for a few days...

    "if your not part of the solution, then your part of the problem"

    buy and hold and be part of the solution!

    That is just going to feed the beast saying look with out him ppl are leaving etc and use that as he did the @crowetic video in a way to make him out to look even better

  • @falconCoin You can't go telling people what to do and what is happening is way outside anyone that is reading this thread. Even without the Drama after such a large and fast ride correction is normal and necessary.


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