when creating new assets

  • why don't we get together a few people that know math and help out anyone that wants to set up and asset.

    Do it as free service or for a few shares. That way before it is released the figures will make even more sense to would be investors and help out a newbie wanting to do an asset.

    I know for me for example i look at when a asset is added and i look at the thread and takes me like 5-10x reading it to figure out the math in it.

    Just a thought

  • admin

    @falconCoin When asset issuers go through the Pre-ann process before releasing, the cost/income basis of the asset normally gets very thoroughly reviewed - and the pre-ann thread will contain a good analysis of the asset. There is no mechanism to make this mandatory, but all assets promoted here have been analyzed here.

  • im considering starting an Asset. and have a rough idea of what i want to do... and with the current issues assets not 100% inside the Burst platform are facing it has given me some insight as well

  • well i know if i need to do one in the future i would like to have someone help me so if anyone will do it for a small fee it would be awesome.

    Hopefully now after this pas weeks issues the pre ann thread will take rise in Burst into consideration

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