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  • i have 9 external hd's and want to add a nr 10 to the list but everytime i start to plot nr 10 (a 2tb hd) it seems i have overlapping plots with an other 2tb hd that has been plotted already. i stopped the proces and began anew 10 times already but every time it is overlapping again...........any ideas how i can prevent this ???

  • admin

    @nightwolf If you're using the AIO, overlaps happen when you change drive letters around. Change the new drives drive letter to a unique one you haven't used before.

  • i'll give it a go.....good advice tkx.

  • if you need any help, send me screenshots of your files and will check it whats going on. lovely regards.

  • admin

    @nightwolf On that much drives, consider learn to plot without AIO ... so you have total control of the nonce ranges on your drives ... using xplotter is not complicated, even from command line.

  • but i am using xplotter already

  • To be honest, the miner / most miners do not read every single nonce in series, its read in scoops, so even if they overlap its highly unlikely you will read the same nonce twice, so overlapping is not a major issue, its usually random when it picks it.

  • 10 times in a row is not that random i think

  • @nightwolf depends on the miner tbf, Have you made sure you have changed the starting nonce ? if your using the AIO / GUI version then do it through the command line, I cannot remember the command line format but it should be in the read me !

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