Format of Drives NTFS vs ext4

  • Hi all I am wondering if the linux miners will see plots that I have previously in Windows NTFS and if they can be mined and also which format will have better efficiency and more TB ?NTFS or ext4? I am running a Ubuntu 16.04 setup

  • admin

    ext4 has a default overhead of 5% or so for safety in case the HDD gets completely full. You can change that with these instructions:

    I think on linux the implementation of NTFS is okay but takes more CPU than ext4 for reading and writing.

  • ok so for now I should keep them because there is almost 18tb I would rather not replot? As I learn more for new drives I will plot in ext4 and may go over the old plots.

    Also is the gpu plotter making an optimized plot? when i tried to use these plots with a CPU miner it gave me a bad nonces take forever message?

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