only reached one cent

  • was that all? is there not more? only one cent? really? i cant believe it!

  • @evolver LOL Some months ago many doubt we would reach one cent... Give it time and we will reach 1$... For the ones that remember me saying some months ago that i came from 0 with no investment and my plan would be to reach 1 million burst by the time we reach 1$ per burst... Well my portfolio is about 400 k burst right now and we only reached 1 cent... In time i will reach my goal and burst will make me a millionaire ahahahaha

  • @gpedro Great for you ! I'm sure you will be reaching your goal sooner than you think :)
    For me personally, discovering Burst by accident last year was one of the best thing that ever happened to me, I truly feel blessed.

  • @Gadrah_ like mee sooooo lucky 😊

  • This post is deleted!

  • This is what i think too! Ok, one cent is a very good one... for the first time, but i really cant believe that burst stay at this. I mean wich coin can mined by a smartphone? And smartphones are the future!

  • @Han-Solo i didnt sell anything :) atm im trying to make a few funds liquid to sell at te peak where ever it will be and buy back in when it drops.but im anyway stuck atm. need to work cya later :)

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