WTF - Burst Price

  • @vaxman you expect another boom ?

  • @falconCoin I have a screen with Polo open in 3 rooms - yes I expect a second pump today or tomorrow. Only problem is, you have to act quickly to ride the wave.

  • @vaxman nice well i just hold it and sell tiny bits to buy more of other stuff so i hope it does boom again!

  • What price does everyone have there sell orders set?

  • i dont want to sell any but if it went to see it taking a dive i will and then snatch up some more im in for long haul with Burst

  • @falconCoin 485 sats right now.

  • Do not think about the price in terms of Satoshi right now, think about Market Capitalization. When the Market Cap hits $100 million, which is "tiny" compared to any Stock or Top 10 Crypto Currency. You will realize, it's only the beginning. The Japanese legalization of Bitcoin as currency put a new avenue of capital directly from market funds to Bitcoin. This in turn is going to inject 100 Billion or more this year into Crypto Market Cap. Almost all will go up with the increase, especially coins that have a unique edge and promise like Burst does. If you are depending on the money you put in, yes cash out until you are comfortable holding only what you can afford to lose. If you have credit card debt, like one user mentioned, YES, cash out and pay off your credit cards!! If you bought it as an investment, don't get excited by micro gains. Spend your time spreading the word about the Burst opportunity and sell a few 1000 of them for cash if you want to your friends. Lol. Write articles, tweets, facebook posts, explain what Crypto Currency is, what Bitcoin is, and what opportunities still may exist in emerging currencies that solve the perceived problems of Bitcoin, like Burst. ;) Technically, depending on where you live, you should disclose you are long/holding Burst.

  • sell order at 615 just went through time to get to micro center and buy more hard drives

  • I'm just sad that I sold everything after I got scamed by NEWS, but I'm really happy for you guys. A lot of you really deserves that! Congratz fellas!

  • @JotaJota Good, its always wise to take at least half profit all is just as good even thought it went up more you still had a profit. I too sold months ago though oops. Still a winner.

  • Burst is NOT liked on polo in the troll box! wow such negativity over there... i wonder how many have a clue? they act like experts i know i have about 0.1% clue over there

  • guess thats why they call it a Troll Box hates gonna hate come on 1000

  • I think the trolls realize that burstcoin have the better mining technology as other coins!

  • and you get banned easy i got banned for 24 hours didn't realize it 2days ago by just talking about burst, while others want to be di*ks and that is OK... i said BURST to the moon and a few things like what i saw others say and do and bam ... funny thing is i have no idea for how long cause i was typing away a few times when i couldnt find my comments lol

    i am happy to slow down and recoup at 750 and start heading back up

  • @evolver the one guys keeps saying stuff like dont you have a HDD to plot ? LOL

  • 845 sat on Polo guys! amazing!! ^^

  • @Lahou how long can this last though is the question...seems dangerously high

  • Just dont get caught over extended and you will be fine ;]

  • Every block mined is now @ 25 USD.
    Every block mined in August 2014 is worth >> 100 USD.
    And holding.

  • @vier23 @gersey i myself will be happy to make it thru the weekend at least 800, i agree to most ppl on the outside it looks like a pump and dump. and anyone following the troll box will know that it was mentioned that

    1.) this is day 2 of a pump up and they last 2-3 and then dumped
    2.) mentioned it as guerbez (sp?) coin and prob to feed his gambling
    3.) scam coin also see #2
    4.) friends of the "developer" were told this will go nuts this weekend to get in while they can, they were saying it, NOT ppl accusing others of it.
    5.) and no one can explain the surge other than blaming whales
    6.) and of course all the BURST jokes and everyone buying were Noobs lol

    i am in no way a trader, i bought BURST on POLONIEX and kept it there for the purpose to pay out my users on, my trade analysis shows that i have a break even at 205. it was 110 but i scooped up more in the 600, 700, and at 800's . with that being said, i don't know what set off the surge, i'm happy for it but i'm def keeping my eye open too

    i hope we get thru and then goes back up again, I think the issues that started a few months ago have cause a lot of skeptics.

    and i know this will get back to the BN, those comments were being made by members in that troll box, not me. and i am sure many others saw them too, so this is no directed against anyone

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