Account compromised and hacked, $500 transfered, what can i do?


    Account was hacked 20minutes ago, everything is transfered to his account

    Is it possible to revert transaction or something?


  • @puremage111 I'm sorry this happened but there's no way of reverting a transaction...

    Or your passphrase was insecure or you got hacked (maybe a keylog or something)...

  • @gpedro

    Yeah, as previously i created 3 wallet, 2 passphrase auto generated and 1 passphrase manual generated. And among 3 i used the manual generated account where i didn't realize that the passphrase is just so weak.

    4x4(character) word in continuous form.

    The wallet kinda notify me all the time but i ignore it, guess lesson learned here :)

  • admin

    @puremage111 Welcome to the club no-one wants to be a member of. I had an account with a manually generated weak password, it got hacked as well. Lesson learnt .... use the auto generated one, and even mix that up some replacing letters with numbers or symbols.

  • can you change your passphrase to something more difficult so you can keep your wallet and not go thru that setup process again?

  • admin

    @mrgoldy No, passphrases cannot be changed. Your account ID is basically a hash of your passphrase - different passphrase, different ID. If you have a weak passphrase, generate a strong one, transfer your funds and assets, and replot you files.

  • @haitch I have the standard 12 word passphrase that is randomly generated when starting out. Should I get something more secure?

  • admin

    @mrgoldy I brute forced a three word password in a month, a four word password will take about 135 years, a 12 word password would take longer than the universe has existed ..... So no, the generated password is fine. If you create a second account, add or substitute some letters with numbers/symbols. Using non-dictionary words from the default list will make it completely unrealistic to be brute forced.

  • I've wanted to create for security for a long time and I never did, and today, when I read this, I've finally decided.
    I do not know if it will be safer or not but to me it gives me that feeling and it is what counts so today I happened to have a password of the type:


    In case anyone is tempted to check if I am so stupid to put the password, I tell you that no;)

  • Sorry to hear this, because send you lots of bonus burst the month, for the future, better split it to more accounts or transfer to some markets (polo etc.), I will put some burst beside and sending you day to day some burst. Keep strong and lovely regards

  • admin

    @Energy A password of that type will not be brute forced in your or your great grand kids lifetime .......

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  • Thanks for all the concern and advice guys!

    Will be away from burst for some time until i rebuild my income and my burst portfolio soon, hope everyone will be great and good luck burst!

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