how to change bruscoin wallet pass passphrase?

  • can anyone help how to change bruscoin wallet passphrase

  • @sa171682061 , you can't change it. Just create a new wallet and transfer your Burst from the old wallet to the new wallet.

  • @rds can i creat more then one wallet?

  • can create as many as you want

  • @Gibsalot if i will creat new then i have to change my wallet address in ploting because i have ploted my hdd with old wallet adress

  • just remember pass phrase can not be changed if you loose your pass phrase no one can help you that wallet and everything in it will be lost forever. also in burst pass phrase are sinsitive to everything ... everything counts including empty space from hitting the space bar counts as a digit.

  • @sa171682061 correct plots are hard linked to the wallet that was used to generate them .. as the plots are form of hash's from the wallets numeric #

  • @Gibsalot means i have to plote my hdd again with new wallet address i am using bruscoin wallet for mining beacause when we creat plot in hdd we have to put wallet to change wallet address on minier

  • word of advice use more than 1 wallet. set one up for mining, one for every day use trading and stuff ... then set up a vualt papper wallet for long term storage....

  • @Gibsalot but how to change wallet address on miner?because according to you i will creat new wallet and my miner setup with old wallet

  • for paper wallet get on a clean comp ... create your secure pass phrase log into the wallet fund it to complet set up copy its burst address... logg out print off a few paper copys of the pass phrase delete all trace's of the pass phrase from the comp and never logg into it agin ontell you are ready to make a withdrawl... use your every day wallet to send burst or assets to it for long term holdoing

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