• I have tried plotting my drive and it says my account is not activated ,mistyped or does not exist,,i don't get it, meanwhile I have about 2 Burst in my account..Whats happening? can someone help?

  • admin

    Check for typos in your BURST-XXXX-... address.

  • please I don't really understand what you mean

  • @daWallet I have re-checked it and everything is alright,,i have even used it to open my wallet but cant used it to plot my drive

  • @lapiito have you made an outgoing transaction like rename your account or send burst to someone? This is needed to activate your account, only after that you should be able to plot into your account (if you are using the AIO wallet)..

  • @gpedro no I havnt done that yet, which adrese can I send to,,and I also have only 2 Burst,,is it possible to send it? if it is then send me ur Burst ID so that I can send you

  • @gpedro I have done what you told me,,i sent u a burst to your ID and still the account is not activated for me to mine,,,someone please help me

  • @lapiito hmm what is your burst address... You could just had renamed your account, but if you sent me that burst i guess i have to thank you for that hehe

    Are you sure that your transaction had already one confirmation when you tried again? If so I recommend you to close our wallet and reopen it, then see if you already can plot it... I will check your burst ID in a bit if you sent that burst to my address otherwise i will need your burst ID to see if your account is really activated or not.

  • @lapiito Your account is already activated... I mean if this is your address: BURST-TF3Q-4W9D-9VB8-GAS3K ;D

  • @gpedro thats my addrese ,,i dont still know why i cant plot,,should i download a new wallet? or what should i do?

  • @lapiito Have you resetted your wallet?

    By this i mean close your wallet (check in the tray next to your windows clock!), then reopen it, login in the online wallet and try again to plot... It should work!

    If you are logged in in your local wallet and it has not completed downloaded the blockchain, provably to your local wallet your burst address is not activated yet, because it has not downloaded until the block where you activated your account... ;D

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