Miner Problems

  • Hi there!
    I mine at pool.burstcoin.de. over my laptop with an external drive.
    Everything went fine. Now i wanted to mine with my desktop, too.
    I plotted 2 drives and started mining at the same pool over a second
    wallet. I started the miner in the appdata/roaming/burstwallet/miner
    folder and the miner worked. At the pool`s website i saw my laptop-
    mining-name two times + the new desktop-mining-add. . I stop the
    miner because i got confussed. Now the miner will not start again.
    It only flashs up for a splitsecond. I tried from the folder and straight
    from the wallet. In front, thanks for any help.

  • admin

    @cram If you run miner through a *.bat file, add a new line containing 'pause'. That will prevent the command line window from close on error. After that you can post the error here to get more detailed help.

  • JSON format error <offset 584> check miner.config
    Invalid value.
    press any key . . .

    But i changed pools. At "pool.burstcoin.eu" the miner worked. When i went
    back to "pool.burstcoin.de" the miner failed again. And i got these lines by
    adding "pause" to the miner config. .

  • admin

    @cram said in Miner Problems:

    JSON format error <offset 584> check miner.config

    Seams your change in miner.config caused it to be malformed ... you can validate the JSON of miner.config e.g. with https://jsonformatter.curiousconcept.com/

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