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  • hey i gonna upgrade my genesis mining tomorrow and are wounder if some on wanna trade code to get some bonus ? if so just past them below and i use... her is mine tY0zl5...

  • @draytek thanks for the heads up! My Genesis mining affiliate code is: 4MRnfj

    I try to upgrade on a regular basis, and will be sure to return the favour. I have also began doing this with a few others, where all upgrades of 100mh/s+ (dash x11 contracts) or 5th/s (Bitcoin contracts) using my code, I split the commission I receive with the person who purchased the contract. So in 6 days once I receive the amount (if purchased with crypto), or 30 days (if purchased with a credit card). I will send 50% of the commission I receive back to you to your bitcoin wallet to show my appreciation for using my code. This way we both get a little bonus which in turn we can transform into another upgrade. Win-win!

  • @TheCoinDoctor said in genesis mining:


    the code is used...:) any one els wanna join in??

  • FVbQp1

    I just did a 1TH upgrade today. I'll look out next time.

  • someone has a good link? wanna learn more about this stuff?

    thx harry

  • i wonder why someone should invest in cloud mining. 1th is 150usd and roi is at actual rate 18.8$ per month so i get bep in not even 8 months because difficulty is rising Oo ?! whats the sense?

  • @draytek Use this one 7Coaxs

  • @harrygon just use this Code if ur interrested. 4gVLus
    For example, if youe purchases a 10 MH/s contract using the code, i g get 0.25MH/s for free - and you get 3% off the total price. It’s a win-win situation!

  • @Vneck said in genesis mining:


    code used feel free to use mine to :) tY0zl5

  • Cjw2Z3
    reply back to me if you use mine and I'll use yours.
    make sure to include what and how much you bought, so I can try and return the same
    also include the date/time, because the emails I get from genesis when my code is used, don't give any specifics

    I only upgrade about once a week though, so I apologize if I don't use your code right away

  • @draytek said in genesis mining:

    @Vneck said in genesis mining:


    code used feel free to use mine to :) tY0zl5

    Thank you much Superfriend. Will do, on the next upgrade.

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