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    I would like to read the blockchain, what is the neccessary that i should use for software ?

    The burstcoin blockchain is linked at the btc blockchain or not ?

    Thanks soon

  • @Neo38 most crypto coins have a block chain explorer, Bursts is here

    The Blockchain is simply a distributed database, the BTC and BURST blockchains are different databases.

  • Hi IKnow

    Thanks for yours reponses

    I know that the blockchain is a database but i want to read and open this one to see all the transaction !

    It is neccessary to use a software ?

    Where is it possible to find the BTC blockchain


  • @Neo38 if you have the AIO Burst wallet installed, a copy Burst db is stored on your PC

    C:\Users\<your pc login>\AppData\Roaming\BurstWallet\burst_db

    to read the data you need a db client which can read the db format (SQuirreL SQL Client is an example of one).

    About the BTC blockchain, ask on a bitcoin forum.

  • @iKnow0 I think the blockchain is not SQL but MongoDb and i am not sure if the SQL client can read it, never tried...

    @Neo38 by using a DB client that supports the db format, you should be able to read it... Although there are other 2 ways you can read information from the blockchain: by the blockchain explorer or by the using the Burst API wich can be find in the /test page of every wallet like or http://localhost:8125/test

  • @gpedro the db is of type H2, the squirrel SQL client can connect and view it.

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