Two disk overlapped

  • Hello

    I have the message that my two disk D and E are overlapped !

    What is the real problem ?

    What is the solution to restaure it ?

    Thanks bests regards

  • @Neo38 The issue is that you have over lapping plots.

    each plot file has the following structure.


    the range any plot file covers is form the <starting_nonce> to the <starting_nonce + number_of_nonces>

    look at your two files closely, you will see that their ranges are overlapping, (ie you are checking the same data twice).

    To fix your issue, examine the sizes of the two plot files and delete the smaller of the two, then re-plot making sure the ranges of each plot do not overlap.

  • ok i will do replot my disk.

    I have do a error because i have plotting my two disk in the same moment !

  • @iKnow0

    Ive had this issue before.
    My question to you is, what effect does it have on mining?

  • admin

    @Verified you're wasting space - if the plots are overlapped you have the same nonces in two places, both copies will equate to the same deadline, so by not overlapping you have more nonces to mine with.

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