• I have currently 3.5 Tb plotted on a windows 10 machine with a WD external 8tb HD..
    I do very well with read speeds on a 5 year old computer running windows 7.. but this win 10 machine is sooo slow...

    win 7 4 core takes 30 seconds to read 21 tb
    win 10 4 core takes 30 seconds to read 3.5 tb

    everything is usb 3.0 same drives on both machines but extremely slower on the windows 10..

    any hints to why i am being throttled?

    0_1492127150505_upload-5370c1f2-f184-4ed9-888b-6d0d15b09956 win 10 specs ^^
    please help and thank you ..

  • Hmm... that is strange. I'm on Win10 with a 3770K, my 5TB Seagate takes 15-16secs on CPU Miner, and 9-10secs on GPU miner. Is your power settings set to high performance?

  • I'm not sure how much the of speed difference of the CPU makes, so that could be it?

  • @Vneck will check power settings now.

  • @Vneck i set to high performance and am getting an initial boost that drops very fast.. but i am also plotting now and wasnt initially so will have a better idea in about 3 hours.. still slow but until small plot is done I will not know exactly.

    internal drive (sata) is now showing 80mb/sec but still getting only 30mb/s on the external WD ( being plotted) ..

    will have an update soon... thank you for helping

  • @darindarin no prob Superfriend. I'm hoping that's all that it is with the power and plotting. I was gonna recommend turning the USB power management to off/unchecked in device manager as well, but let's see how it goes after plotting.

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    @darindarin said in WINDOWS 10 PROBLEM MINING / READ SPEEDS:

    win 7 4 core takes 30 seconds to read 21 tb
    win 10 4 core takes 30 seconds to read 3.5 tb

    If you have few drives - it reads in parallel, the speed is summary/folded.
    for example, 8Tb - reading speed 30 secs, you have 4 drives, so 32Tb in parallel will read 30 sec

  • @Blago wow, i didnt realize that..ty for response. i plan to add 64tb to this machine and i still dislike windows 10 heavily..

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    few drives
    18.39 Tb = 22.6 sec (203 Mb/sec)

    the same rig, but only one drive (USB3 4Tb) - 17.1 sec, 54.5 Mb/sec


    As I added plots my speeds were just getting worse so I did some poking around the internet.

    I ran a benchmark test and was about 30mb/s across the board. i was frustrated and did not save the results to post here. :(

    I first tried to update drivers.. some did some were already labeled " best available"
    rebooted and didn't work .. :(

    then i uninstalled the actual drivers for the usb connections ( Serial Bus etc) and rebooted..
    I ran a benchmark test off the bat and i was able to hit 200mb/s

    I do not think it is perfect but it is a major improvement as my previous speeds arent even on that chart!


    the miners speeds have also increased dramatically before this was getting total of 45 seconds with 6tb.. :(

    .. i have faith again.. now lets plot more and see :)

  • EDIT
    the computer is 7 days old from case anyone was wondering.

  • While plotting the speed has also increased from previous plotting and mining same time to almost double. I am definitely happier than i was..(for now)


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