Plotting Problem

  • Hi there!
    After plotting my drive for the second time i wanted to start
    Cpu mining with the wallet. Both times the miner did not start.
    I did the plotting also by the wallet as admin. I got this lines at
    the end of the plotting.
    Releasing memory... OK
    and not
    Finished plotting
    What i have to do? Thanks for help.

  • Do you have the latest java installed? Which mining software are you using? Are you using the latest burst wallet?

  • Yes , latest java and new wallet.

  • I want to use the cpu-wallet miner. Miner config and pool reward assignment are done.

  • Mod

    Releasing memory... OK

    it's xplotter's finish

    Finished plotting

    it's wplotgenerator's finish

    if miner starting, but you see black screen - miner can't resolve pool's address or port

  • But the miner is not starting. Pool address and port are correct.

  • Is your firewall blocking access?

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