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  • Hello, I'm new to this. I just made a few 30GB plots & am in the process of uploading them to my Amazon Cloud account but while I'm waiting for it to do as such I figured I try to see what I could do from my home PC. The plots are only 131GB (small I know for burst-team pool but that's what I'll be running from AWS & AC) but I'll be making more plots as I go along; hoping to hit at least a few TB.

    I'm using the Burst Wallet AIO and the CPU miner (I think AVX?). I have an i7-6700k.

    So I had a few questions.

    1. My miner doesn't seem to really be doing anything? It's showing "No Deadline" down at the bottom...I can see the New Block, BaseTarget, NetDiff, Thread etc but down at the very bottom it shows No Deadline which is weird or no?

    2. When I look at the pool it doesn't show me as a current miner. Just to be safe I redid my reward assignment to

    3. If I were to switch pools do I need to re-plot?

    4. With me doing so many smaller plots (again for Amazon Cloud) how do I check to make sure that my plots are not overlapping?

    I've tried to read up as much as I can & I'm sorry if some or all of these have been asked and answered before but I've been reading so much my head hurts & is spinning lol

    Thanks for all the help!

  • I shall answer your questions in numerals as they were asked :)

    1. No Deadline is normal and then sometime in future you'll get one depending on plot size.
    2. It is normal for a new member of a pool to take time to show up on the pool site.
    3. No, you don't need to replot ever.
    4. Your miner will tell you if they overlap but keep in mind the numerals of your created plots. nonce start number + number of nonces = next plot start noce number (add a +1 nonce on the next plot to be sure)

  • @D2iH8c

    1.With just 131 GB you won't have many DL
    Show us the screen shot of the miner.
    2.Give your Burst address so we could have a look
    4.Normally miner would told you that your plots are overlaped.Again show us print screeno of the miner

    Best Regards

  • @ZapbuzZ Damn...1 minute late;)

  • @Ip85
    Whats that old saying? . . . . Better late than neveR :)

  • Thank you for the replies.

    I'll post a screen of the miner once I get this new plot created...doing one that is approximately 2TB (1.99TB to be exact; for some reason the plotter only gets close but not on the money for the size that I tell it to use).

    Burst address is:


    I never got any errors from the miner stating it was overlapping; just wanted to make sure; I put the miner in expert mode so that I could plot across multiple drives.

    While it's plotting this huge plot I'll be studying up on how to get the Amazon Cloud Drive app to not redownload all my plots that I upload to it (it's annoying and filling up more space than needed). I believe I'll have to tell it to watch the plot directories, upload them then tell it to stop watching them and then create new ones and tell it to watch for those.

  • Another quick question

    I have an i7-6700k & a nVidia 1080 Ti; which would would be better for plotting the HDDs?

    I've since seen that my external HDDs are taking forever to plot because they are Seagate externals with SMR (I assume it's SMR since they will take approximately a week to fill the whole 4 & 5TB space).

  • @D2iH8c Nice bro! How much did you get your 1080 TI for?!

  • @D2iH8c Personally I would use xplotter(cpu) on internal hdd and then copy it to smr.

  • @CesBurst1782 Got it from nVidia as soon as they went regular retail.

    @Ip85 thx I'll continue to use that as well

    I'm up to 704GB right now & switched to BurstNeon as the owner of the pool contacted me (and I assume others) but I figured I'd give his pool a shot...

  • @D2iH8c I was mining on it as well.It is a good choice with your plot size.

  • @Ip85 I'll keep going up...but I wanted to try this out before I do all that. AWS with ACD seems like a really good option...but taking the time to upload to ACD with my slow connection sucks.

    What pool are you on now? And what plot size are you running? I did a few small ones (less than 40gb) and a couple at around 100gb then one huge one so far.

    Thanks for all the help too...this is really cool so far :D

  • I'm currently at 9,477GB. I'm on burstneon; the returns are good from what I've heard...for me it's lower than I had anticipated but not horrible by any means.

    I'm hoping to fill the drives completely and see how that goes for a week nonstop then reevaluate.

  • @D2iH8c I tried a few pools before sticking with burstneon. Paid the best out of the 3 or so I tried.

  • @newsense2004 What's your nick on there? Mines the same as here

  • @D2iH8c NewMiner Asset

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