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  • I've created this post for asset issuers and investors so that they can post their asset roi in daily-weekly-monthly-yearly terms. This lets investors compare and know the most profitable ones... I will begin posting the roi of assets that I buy, once I buy them. Also everyone can post their assets and their profits from them in terms of roi.

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    @nickpap hsassets - pays out every other week, 2 payouts to-date, next payout 4/3/17 - it'll be lower than previous, see:

    Payout 1: 3/6/17 - 3.75% ROI
    Payout 2: 3/20/17 - 3.48% ROI

  • Just a few easy to calculate avarage ROIs from assets I own^^

    MIA - @mathew 's asset - ~2.158%week (9 weeks)
    Elite - @cjellis245's asset - ~1.186%/week (8 weeks)
    Futuros - @babelis's asset - ~2.730%/week (3 weeks)
    hsassets - @haitch's asset - ~3.615%/2 weeks (2 weeks)

    *Before investing get well informed about assets and don't base your investment only on ROI

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