BCMPMiner asset, CCM100, CCMINER100 call for concern

  • CCM100, CCMINER100 Asset you start fantastic , but now something is wrong anyhow that i cannot explain

    conclusively are asset buying really worth it ? one day all asset gonna be 0 COINS as i seen thing going on with busrt.

  • admin

    @cashgold BCMPMiner is definitely a concern as the owner has not been seen in quite a while.

    CCMiner assets are Not a concern, ccMiner is steadily increasing the capacity of the larger miner, and adding GPU mining, both miners are running nicely and producing daily dividends.

  • thank .is bcmpminer aSSET PASS THE verification ?

  • admin

    @cashgold BCMP was never ID verified. It was initiated, but never completed.

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