mining with 1000 TB ? what pc i need too buy four this ?

  • 0_1490817022015_Untitled.jpg my plan is too buy big storage 1000 TB and too mining the that possible ? or i must to earn solo ?what pc configuration i need for mining with 1000 TB ? this calcutaion is good or im wrong in something ? thanks for answers....if you know what type of (server) i need and cheap i wood like too talk about on skype... nick is...branislav.usjak

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    The calculation is accurate, as long as you have 100% uptime (better calculate with 80% to be safe) ... with 1pb you should mine solo.
    (Also remember block reward decreases 5% each month and price may vary a lot)
    You have some decisions to make ... building via USB3 or internal SAS/SATA ...
    I can suggest controller like this e.g. for internal
    On such a setup you will benefit from using GPU supported miner, so you will also need a decent GPU and a quite good CPU in addition.
    Currently i guess you would need some 2011-3 socked PC with lot of PCIe.
    It can be done, but to build a 1PB PC you have to do some research fist and need some basic knowledge on hardware.
    E.g. if you want internal drives, you have to find a solution to provide enough power for that 100 drives, a normal pc power supply would not be enough.
    Nobody will provide you the perfect working setup, but you will sure find some suggestion/help here ...

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  • i know i need 2-3 slots with PC expres 16x Gforce Cuda....but dont know what model i need.....i need graphics card wiht good perfomance and low power cosuption....Petabyte is too expensive for me..

  • Hello everybody

    I want to increase my hardware to 100 TB but i dont no which hardware use ?

    Have you got exemple please of a configuration with photos ?

    Bests regards

  • @Branislav A motherboard with 6 pcie slots, 1 pcie slot for GPU and the other 5 pcie slots for 24 port sata controllers for a total of 120 drives.
    120 x 10TB drives = 1080TB of drive space, = 1PB of plots (aprox).

  • Hello everybody

    iKnow0 what is the card that you use for the sata port controler ?

    It is usb3.0 slot ?

    What type of hardwre do you plug on each sata port for your 120 drives ?

    Thanks for avance for your reponses !

    Bests regards

  • @Neo38 is an example, each SAS port can take 4 SATA drives ( it really depends on your budget for the miner. The best advice i can give, is to start small and build it up over time as there is a learning curve. USB 3.0, SAS, SATA are all different types of computer interfaces to hard drives, each having a different level of performance.

    Also be warned, you used the calculator which only shows the current block reward, in 12 months it will half that, in 24 months it will be a 1/4 of it. So take your time, educate yourself.

  • 1_1491606198083_Untitled2.jpg 0_1491606198082_Untitled.jpg i think this good price and all what i need.....pc configuration i will replay i next post

  • 0_1491608319531_Untitled2.jpg 0_1491608306053_Untitled.jpg 0_1491608319531_Untitled2.jpg 0_1491608339699_Untitled3.jpg this is mashine i wish to buy for mining...what internet speed i need for mining wint 1000TB ? sorry for slovak language i cannot change site to english

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    @Branislav Internet speed is not important, you could mine on a dial up modem.

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