Can the blockchain be saved somewhere other than Appdata folder?

  • Hi, this may be a trivial question, but is there anyway to store the blockchain somewhere other than Appdata? The size is quite large and my main drive is an SSD so I would prefer to store it on a HDD disk instead. I would imagine many other people are in the same boat.

    Thank you.

  • perhaps install the wallet on a mechanical drive say with a gigabyte of space left of a plotted disk? you could easily transfer your blockchain files to a temporary location untill then? (uninstall wallet, then reinstall to new app location placing blockchain to mechanical location.) That would allow your blockchain to update on mechanical disk. I am using drive c: for windows drive d:\burst\wallet is where my app is installed.

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    @woodwood You can use the "portable version" of the Win Client instead.

  • @woodwood on Windows you can create symlinks, just like on Linux.
    You can redirect the whole dir in appdata to your dir on the hdd.

  • @Creepsky sadly it doesnt work sometimes. I know that since i needed one for one of my dev enviroments and it somply refused to work. Still no idea why.

  • Thanks everyone for your responses; there's something to learn from all your input!

    @Creepsky Thank you for this suggestion. I was unaware of the concept of symlinks before, definitely useful to know!

    @daWallet I wasn't aware of the portable version before. It is happily chugging along on my HDD drive now; the blockchain is stored in one of the subfolders, so that resolves my request. Thanks!

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