Intel Optane Memory ~ to boost read times for HDD?

  • In Linus' results after the 2nd test run, their read times got signifacally faster almost 3-4x faster, if this can support a lot of HDD's do u think this will be faster for burst read times and make it like a ssd?

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    @HiDevin I doubt it - the Optane is caching data to provide the faster experience - Burst data is essentially un-cachable. There might be some improvement from the caching of the NTFS allocation table, but the bulk of the data read during mining is the individual scoops, and they are not cachable - will in fact add over head trying to cache them.

  • @haitch dang, I didn't know it was un-cachable tbh, the memory reminded me of a hybrid drive I used to have

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    @HiDevin Each round an effectively random scoop number is selected - on an 8TB drive each scoop represents around 2GB of data, and there are 4096 scoops per nonce. So at best the drive could cache 16 of 4,096 scoops. If a scoop is repeated, it'll be a great boost but the odds of that are low - less than 0.4% The caching of the NTFS allocation table will make it somewhat better, but you won't see the improvements they got on their Windows boots

  • @haitch oh, so its not really a big help then? well that sucks. I thought this would be good thats why I posted it xd

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    @HiDevin some help, but almost definitely not a big help.

  • Sounds almost like a new version of "Readyboost"...but not really. lol

  • so it seems not really in HDD to mine burst just like the pokemon you really gonna catch them all xD ahahaha

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