Min hardware specs for mining

  • As the title says.
    I am looking to mine with 2 cores at 3.7GHz and only 1GB RAM on windows using Blago's miner.
    I have already got around 30TB of plots and am wondering will this setup suffice?
    If not, what do I need to increase? Number of cores? speed of cores? amount of RAM?
    I am looking for the bare minimum needed to read these plots in a timely manner.

  • im currently reading plots with gpu quite fast with intel hd

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  • it will mine them but total read time may be a bit slow, in your case id supect the bottle neck will be only having 2 cores , cpu speed helps but # of threads you can scan with is a much bigger factor, the cheepest fix would be using GPU miner and geting a budget GFX card. the second bottle neck will be the data speeds of the HDD's via how they are connected to the comp. have not tryed with only 1G of ram so not sure how that will effect , mining is not vary Ram heavy but you may have issues because the OS will be using most of that 1G and leave little for anything else

  • @machasm I'd add more RAM (4-8) and mine .. if reading times exceed 60s I'll consider adding a decent GPU.
    Update: You'll be alright on VPS. @RichBC will help you in that domain.

  • Thank you,
    Perhaps I should elaborate further. The plan is to run a low spec VPS with a good network connection (500Mbps) and mine some networked drives.
    Hence the first question.
    I wont be able to use integrated graphics to do any mining.
    I expect read times to be around 5 mins.

  • @machasm average block time is only 4 min , you will be scanning 100% of time and not even finishing befor next round

  • Appreciate the feedback guys. I will give it a go and see how it pans out. Nothing to lose except the cost of one months hire at £7.50.

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