Paypal scammed me initiated refund and refund usd without any information how to get it any idea never trust this crap site !!

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  • @dvndr007 Did you get the money back?

  • @rnahlawi i traded in local bitcoin i released my btc coz this balance shows in my paypal account than after some hours it got deducted automaticaly refunded to the person who pay me now what to do i cant take btc refund any solution?

    i call paypal customer care no one picking up phone i tried all care numbers and mailed them too, one day gone no reply to mail

  • @dvndr007 Oh ! So the guy paid you, when he got the BTC he made claim that you didn't "send agreed goods" and Paypal paid back his money! That's sick!
    It's Sunday, doubt anyone will answer. Then them e-mail and wait for tomorrow. Try not to mention BTC sale cause they don't support BTC trading.

  • i will call them daily starting from monday of next week i want my 50$ back lolz

  • The one who is deceiving you is the payer who has canceled the payment.
    You should report it in localbitcoins so you do not fool anyone else

  • Yep, cheap lesson learned - NEVER do any business via paypal involving crypto anything. I bought (3) 1 BTC paper wallets a few years ago and sure enough they came and were empty. Ebay ruled for the shady dude so I keep them as a reminder. The main problem was that I reported fraud before I had even gotten the wallets as others were being scammed at the same time and just before me. Leaving bad reviews for him... researched his name and of course it came up dirty - so since I jumped the gun and made the claim without proof in front of me - I'm the shady one in Ebay/Paypal's eyes - go figure.

  • @xburst A couple of years ago I sold a guy on Ebay a bitcoin asic for $400, he received it and I paid for tracking to make sure I knew when he received it. He filed a complaint with Ebay saying I never shipped it... and PayPal took the money back out of my account... even though the tracking information clearly showed that the package arrived. I called, complained, offered tracking and receipt evidence over and over but nothing changed their decision. I decided to never touch PayPal or Ebay again and I haven't missed either.

  • @spacemoose I called ebay and complained and got the fradulent users terminated and got my payment.

  • @spacemoose yes their decision making skills leave a lot to be desired that's for sure - it's as if they are even worse than the scam artists out there... hence the problem of those hooks they put deep into your bank account. Scary stuff.

    Glad to hear that @kamxkmax got your $$$ back!

  • Give it 3-5 business days. It usually takes a bit.

    I had the same problem the other day with a $599 transaction, so I learned the hard way.

  • @dvndr007 i doubt you will get it back you should be careful in transacting like trading paypal to btc xD there are so many trusted site that you can exchange it too btc but have some fines well it is safe rather than you being scammed lesson learned i guess

  • Ah my bad, I see what happened now. Definitely unfortunate... Good luck friend!

  • i got my btc back actully in lbc idk what makes it happen but will never do it again in future paypal suckx

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