Trying to use used hard drives trouble

  • Long story short.
    Got a bunch of used office computers off craigslist for $40. 6 desktops and 6 laptops.

    Pieced together one good working desktop so far out of the six.

    Out of the computers I got two 2tb seagate, one 1tb 2.5 ssd, and 2 WD 1tb Blue.

    My problem
    I have four internal harddrives hooked to pc.
    One harddrive has my windows 10 on it.
    The other three are from the used ones I got today.
    When I boot up pc it always take me to the windows7 from one of the used discs which I do not have a password for. I can't figure out how to get it to take me to my windows 10 disc with the other discs hooked up too. The only way I've been able to access the windows 10 disc on the pc is when it is the only one hooked up.
    I tried switching all four sata connections.
    I'm kind of stuck on what to do. Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

  • @Dillion have you tried mashing f12 to choose your boot device? you can probably choose the HDD that has windows 10 on it and once ur on it, wipe the other drives :P

    EDIT: f12 is selecting boot device for me, it might be f9 or f12 for you idk :P

  • @HiDevin No I hadn't. IF that fixes it, thanks a ton, bout to try it. Always something super simple slowing me down. lol

  • @Dillion another way is to have bootable usb with tools to format hdd ;) then you just hook up hdd one by one and format em. While its not necessary to do it one by one, it is safer so as not to format your own by accident :)

  • looks like some smart people in here , i have a question from when i was seting up my comp. is there a work around for having a larger than 2TB drive as your main C: drive for a complet fresh build when installing win 10 ? i eventuly just slaped an older 1tb in as my main drive because it would not let me configure a drive over 2TB and would shrink the drive down.

  • admin

    @Gibsalot the drive may be limited by controller it is attached to. If you create partitions, do not choose MBR as Partition Table for drive, always choose GPT.

  • Thank you much for all the replies and help.

          One more question that is prolly super simple but I can't figure out. 

    I made it to the BIOs.
    Under Boot Order it only gives me the option for "Integrated SATA." I can not figure out how to get it to show all four hard drives under Boot Order.

  • Aslo I did try this to no luck.... Had only the windows 10 disc hooked up. Got it going and then hooked up one of the other harddrives. However after plugging in another hard drive it never showed up under THIS PC.

  • This SHOULDN'T be the problem since both Win 7 & 10 use NTFS by default but check the file format of the HHDs. If the they aren't all NTFS (or another windows format like FAT32) then your windows 10 won't see it. I doubt this is the issue but it's worth looking into.

  • @socal Thanks, I gave up on the boot order. Ran over to buddies and grabbed his windows 10 reboot cd. Im just going to run the Windows cd on each hard drive and erase the windows7 that way. Pain stakingly slow but its the only way I can figure out how to do it. So now when I hook the other three drives to the rigged pc each drive will have my windows 10 lol. Then that should get me somewhere.

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